A Way to Overcome Medium-Rejection Depression

Through creating a rad parallel childhood galore!

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Obviously, Medium hates me because I’m a worthless sinner

I very rarely get curated or garner more than a handful of fans per story. I’ve only been writing here for a month, and with the new policies of not migrating friends from Twitter…




Stories about other people’s experiences on the Medium platform. And how-to tips and tricks.

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Subdue Chaos, Calm Your Anxiety, and Face Down Panic with Your Trusty List — Daily Quote

I make lists to keep my anxiety level down. If I write down 15 things to be done, I lose that vague, nagging sense that there are an overwhelming number of things to be done, all of which are on the brink of being

The Courage To Be Your Own Advocate

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Tantra Bensko

Tantra Bensko

Gold-medal-winning psychological suspense novelist, writing Instructor, manuscript editor living in Berkeley.

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