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Oh Wow, I Made My First $1000 Writing

Can you make money as blogging beginner in 2022? Yes, but..

$1000 in 10 months from writing online! Photo — Pexels

Can I make money writing online/blogging in 2022?

Am I too late in the game?

Do I stand a chance against the millions of bloggers?

These are some questions you’d ask yourself when you start writing. I did too!

I have found an answer — Yes!!

You can make money writing online. Even if you started only in 2022! But it is not the easiest way to make money.

I started writing on Medium in November of 2021. It took me until January 2022 to cross $100/month in earnings via MPP.

Here’s a short summary of my journey. Decide for yourself if this is a way you’d like to try.

My earnings over the last 10 months! Screenshot — Ilam Padmanabhan

Inputs into writing:

Number of days since I started writing:

280 days. Roughly 9 and half months.

Time invested:

Roughly 2 hours a day in reading, writing & researching. Total = 570 hours. That’s almost 24 days of working all the 24 hours in the day.

Of course, every day is different. I’m in the zone some days and can write for longer. On other days, I can only manage 30 minutes.

I even took a full week off in July and didn’t write a single word.

So the total number of days I actually wrote: is somewhere between 240 to 260 days. But I’ll take 280 days in my calculation to be super conservative.

Topics I wrote about:

Software Engineering, Careers, Writing, Medium, Climate Change, Opinions, Personal finance and a few more.


So what did all that effort give me?

Total number of published posts:

310+ published posts so far. I have a few in the draft, but let’s count only published posts. I’ve ignored the earnings & posts from the last week to keep the earnings at $1000+

Total Earnings before tax:

US $1000 and some change.

The money shrinks quite considerably after tax, so I won’t bother mentioning the post-tax number.

Number of views:

Around 190000+ across platforms, 75000+ only on Medium. I also write on LinkedIn & Quora.

What’s my Productivity:

How long did I take to create/publish a post?

Total hours spent per post = 570 hours

Total posts published =310 posts

Approximate time spent creating/publishing per post = 1 hour 50 mins

So, in the time that it takes you to watch a movie or have dinner, I could publish an article! And this is while working a full-time job, being a dad and having a social life.

But I need to get faster! I have improved over time, but it feels I can do better.

How much did I earn per post?

Total posts published =310 posts

Total Earnings before tax = $1000+

Earnings per published post = $3,22 per post.

Considering each post is approximately 600 words, each word earned me half a cent!

How much did I earn per hour of work?

Total Earnings before tax = $1000+

Total hours spent per post = approx. 570 hours

$ Earnings / hour = $1.75 / hour

Let’s compare the wages in the USA.

The minimum wage at Walmart is $11 per hour. I’m making 16% of that!

What have I learned?

I know how to write consistently:

I have written and published 310+ articles in the last 280 days. That’s an average of more than one post per day!

I’m close to gaining 200K+ online views across platforms. That is approximately over 700+ views per day!

I’m learning how to rank on top of Google search results:

I’ve seen a few of my articles on the first page of Google when people search for specific keywords. In the beginning, it was a complete surprise to me. But now, I know how to do it!

I’ve seen one of my articles go viral with more than 10000+ views in one week!

My biggest hit by number of views! Screenshot — Ilam Padmanabhan

I’m getting better at writing:

I understand my writing style better.

When I started, I was all over the place. I recently reread my first post. There was a lot of heart in it, but not much skill!

Over the last 300+ posts, I have learned how to write headlines, create catchy descriptions and format my posts for easy readability.

I know how to make money writing online:

In the last 9–10 months, I made my first $1000 writing online! This is proof that it is possible to make money writing on Medium.

My biggest post hit by earnings! Screenshot — Ilam Padmanabhan

I’m not saying that this is easy money. But it is possible to make money writing on Medium. If you’re willing to put in the work, there is money.

I’ve come to realize that if I want to make a significant income from writing online, only a small portion will come from Medium.

I will need to create other sources of income. These could be in the form of a KDP, Gumroad, private consulting gigs, online courses or products etc.


If you want to make money writing online in 2022, it is possible!

I made my first $1000 in the last ten months, and I’m learning how to scale my earnings.

The best way to make money writing online is to create multiple income streams.

So don’t just rely on Medium alone. Consider other options like KDP, Gumroad etc.

Will you join me on this journey? Let me know in the comments below!

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