Local bakery, local feel

Homage Bakery, located at 519 Ralston St in Reno, NV, serves fresh-baked pastries and handmade coffee to patrons daily.
In addition to croissants, the bakery puts out everything from pies to chocolate bombes.

In Homage Bakery, the smell of savory croissants, sweet treats and a homey feel welcome patrons in. The bakery, founded in 2011 by Nicholle Alumbaugh, has a unique yet familiar atmosphere that brings in regulars and tourists alike. Barista Emily Schmid is the quintessential Renoan, reflecting the laid-back vibe that flows through the air with the scent of fresh fallen snow.

Schmid began working at Homage in September of 2016.

With her handmade necklaces and concert bracelets, Schmid shows off her bold style despite being in uniform. When she’s not working, she likes to ski and go to EDM concerts in Reno. One of her favorite venues is the downtown spot Cargo, she says.

Schmid prepares one of her favorite drinks to make, the bombon.

The barista’s favorite thing to do at work is making coffee, she says. Specifically, the bombon, “just because it looks really cool.” The dessert coffee has a base of sweet condensed milk with four shots of espresso poured over it, Schmid explains as she prepares it.

In addition to working at Homage, Schmid attends the University of Nevada, Reno for environmental science.

“ I’m like obsessed with the environment, and there’s really nothing else I can imagine myself doing. Because I just want to be outside,” Schmid says.

Schmid serves the sweet drink.
A finished bombon.

The shop’s customers can enjoy their drinks in cozy chairs or wooden tables inside, and outside on mosaic-topped patio tables when the weather permits. Quiet, calming coffee shop music plays in the background, and local art hangs on the wall.

This image, along with several others, have distinctly political messages.

Schmid says that the images have been “controversial,” and that she thinks they look cool. Photos include this one, as well as one of a sidewalk drawing that says “We are the 99%,” adding to the uniquely local feel of the place.

The cozy little bakery is a refuge from the chilly Reno winter.

Located in a quaint home a little further outside of town than the college, the shop is fairly removed from the bustle of downtown. Students like Schmid and locals from all walks of life can come here to get away from the casinos, and experience a different side of Reno.

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