Amy Boyer: Voice

Amy Boyer was a blogger that I found to not only have a lot of voice, but was able to express it in a diverse way. Similar to Rani Baker, Boyer’s blog mostly consists of posts concerning gender identity, specifically the experiences of Transgender women. That is actually the theme of both of the posts that I read. The two posts that I read from Boyer were “AFAB Women and Other Myths” and “My Gender is nothing like the Sun”. These two post are very different from each other, stylistically, but each are able to really demonstrate her voice to her readers.

The first post that I read from Boyer was the one about AFAB women. In her post, Boyer discusses how AFAB (assigned female at birth) women cannot be considered trans women because “trans” is not an identity but a modifier — the true identity is “woman”. She explains that a trans woman identifies as a woman just as an AFAB woman would, so AFAB woman’s desire to include trans to their identity is not only unnecessary but also wrong because the addition of trans has an experience that someone who was already assigned female at birth would not have gone through. Throughout her post, you can really see her voice in the way she emphasizes certain words with italics and bolding. For example, she italicizes the word “identity” because she wants to emphasize to the reader that identity is woman even if she introduces herself as a transwoman. In the following paragraph she italicizes the word “transwoman” because now she wants the reader to focus on what it means to be a transwoman and what experience (a words she later highlights in that same paragraph) her birth assignment has produced for her. By italicizing certain words, she is guiding the reader to focus on the things that she feels are really important, and through that we are able to really get her opinion, her emotions, and her voice. Later on in the post she only seems to bold one word and that is the word “against”. She states how “[her] peers and even legislators attempt to violently enforce the gender binary against [her]”. Like I previously mentioned, that is the only word she bold in the whole post and it really demonstrates how she feels the experience of a transwoman is like: everyone is against you. That to me is a really power demonstration of voice. The last thing that really got my attention, and that I feel really pushed her voice through was her very last sentence: “They [AFAB women] are literally making their names, reputation, and credibility out of my suffering and the suffering of women like me, and it is reprehensible”. Her word choice and the way that repetition of small sentences link together really show how frustrated and how angry she is at the AFAB women who want to take the transwomen experience to use to their advantage.

The second post that I read was “My Gender is Nothing Like the Sun”. That post is very different from the first post in that it is styled more like a poem. The post is just a list of “my gender is____” with something different in the blank in every line. I chose this post because it just stood so stark different with the first post but was able to display as much, if not more voice. Each line really shows how Boyer feels about her experience as a transwomen. The first sentence alone hold so much impact: “My gender is trauma”. Unlike the pervious one, this post has diction is much more informal, but she uses it in order to cause a reaction. For example, one of the lines is, “My gender is “stop being a pussy”. She uses that word in order to demonstrate the realities that Boyer, and those like her, has gone through. Also the repetition of my gender really demonstrates just how powerful her identity is that despite being called so many things, she continues to hold on to her gender and all the experiences that come with it. The things that are being said to her might change, but her gender will never change. Boyer does an excellent job with voice in this post, and everything weaved together so perfectly that it is able to cause such an impact on the reader. From the sentence structure, to the repetition of “my gender is”, to the words she uses themselves, it really makes it a powerful post.