Logging Off- Taking some time away from social media

The internet went crazy this week and no I am not referring to the ludicrous election that I cannot even begin to talk about… no no, I am referring to Kendall Jenner’s most recent decision to delete Instagram. Her reason: “I just wanted to detox.” The model/ Kardashian’s half-sister is known for her huge social media presence as a way to brand her image and stay in touch with her followers. But when she decided to take a break and delete the account on Sunday, she had no idea it would cause such commotion, it even garnered media attention from outlets like CNN. So why is everyone freaking out? Has everyone become so involved in a celebrity’s life that it created national headlines when she decided to step away from social media? It is interesting to examine this latest event and see how society puts so much emphasis and interest into the lives of people we do not know.

While although people were shocked when they discovered Jenner deleted her account which had amassed over 68 million followers, I commend her willingness to take a step back from social media and remove herself from the environment. When we talk about social media and how it affects someone’s self-esteem, often times people say the quickest solution to resolving the issue is deleting the account, or abstaining from social media altogether. And that is just what she is doing.

Detoxes are a good way for social media users to not have to worry about what other people are posting, thus not having to compare yourself to others. By removing yourself from social media you are not constantly worrying about what other people might think of you, nor are you wasting time looking at other people’s profiles and seeing how your life matches up to theirs. Another advantage of deleting social media for periods of time is more free time. When Jenner went on Ellen on Wednesday, she told DeGeneres that one the main reasons she deleted the account was that it was consuming her life. She noted how she would wake up and check Instagram right away (JUST LIKE ME), and spend hours a day looking at the application. You become so dependent on social media and crave the need for more and more and can never have enough, so taking a break every once in a while can have significant improvements and allot you more free time.

If you cannot fully commit to deleting your account altogether because you know there is that one person you NEED to check up on perhaps try something else. Limit your use to a certain number of hours or minutes a day. Even tell your friends about it and encourage them to do the same so they can help monitor and track the number of time spent online. Reducing the number of hours on social media will have major impacts on self-esteem and will also allow you to experience the real world and not just limit you to living through your screen.

Going forward, I am going to be conscious of the amount of time I spend on social media each day. Right now I cannot say I will delete my social media as a whole (too big of a commitment), however, I am going to strive to only check it a few times a day. By doing so, I hope to see positive changes and be able to enjoy actual human interaction and not just cyber connections.

Until next time!