Mike Norman Economics

Hi, my name is Sam, nice to meet you.

HI, I’m a student at USC.

HI, I love Ice cream.

Pick one of those three options and imagine that’s is how I introduced myself to everyone I come into contact with. It would be quite abnormal to do that, however, it would leave an impact. That introduction has some personality. Another way of saying this, is that this introduction has a unique voice attributed to it. Sometimes, it’s good to break through the norm, and be different. That theme, being different and having a unique voice, is what I am most attracted to, especially when trying to learn. In terms of finding that uniqueness with economics and more specifically economics, it’s not easy to come by. Let’s be real, most people would not associate economics with being unique and fun, in fact I sense it’s the opposite and economics is associated, to the general public, with being complex and boring. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mike Norman is one of the few economic bosses who strives to give the field some personality, and he has done so through the internet and more specifically blogging and sharing his economic experiences. He isn’t a professor at any major institution although he did graduate from the prestigious Wharton School of Business, rather he refers to himself as a simple private investor and lifelong student of the American Economy who used to be a common voice on Fox News, so yes he is a republican and that is very obvious in his blogs. I like to think he left fox news because he’s actually trustworthy… I think. At the forefront of his blogspot it’s clear there is some serious personality within. Under the title which is Mike Normans Economics Blog, it states that “We seek the truth, avoid the mainstream and are virulently anti-neoliberalism.” Damn, quite the opening for such a “boring” blog’s field, and his unique voice doesn’t end there, in fact it’s evident in every single one of his posts.

In one of his more recents posts, he writes about Mark Cuban and he does not hold back which is why it’s so beautiful and witty. It’s pretty much a dead give away from the title what kind of post this is going to be, “Mark Cuban: petulant, childish, jealous, idiot.” Yes, that is actually the title. He starts the post off by stating the fact that Cuban, although a heavy backer of Hillary Clinton, acknowledged the day after the election that the American people should give trump a chance now that he has officially won. Here comes to shots. His next paragraph gets past the fact stating and more into the opinion stating. Norman goes on that Cuban didn’t follow through on his word, by saying that two days later, “this petulant child is prohibiting his team from staying at Trump Hotels. Wow. That’s really going to hurt the President Elect. I’m sure Trump must be laughing his ass off.” From calling Cuban a child to talking about how Trump is laughing at Cuban, Norman clear cut republican personality seeps through his words. He is showing off his personality, which is a mix of being ruthless, republican, and straightforward. He has only just begun to go in on Cuban. He states how “Cuban is a little boy who got lucky’ because he got into dotcom business at the perfect time. Furthermore, he mentions how Cuban wants to short the stock market, but it just closed at record highs. At that point Norman writes “Hahahahaha. What a dope.” I can picture this fellow Norman thinking he’s so smart and actually laughing at Cuban. When he finishes, he gives a little extra PS at the end, which serves as a fitting way to close it out considering the previous body of this blog, “P.S. I met Cuban once when I was still at Fox. I shook his hand. Little boy hands.” With this closing, it’s set in stone, that Cuban and Norman aren’t exactly friendly and it even gives off a sense of Norman being a bit on the bitter side towards Cuban.

This is far from Normans only blog showing personality and his unique republican voice, In an earlier post then the Cuban one, Norman goes in on the democrats in a more general sense, entitling the post “The Dems just don’t get it, even after their demoralizing defeat.” Oh strong willed and defiant republicans these days, how funny they can be. Through his content in this post it’s clear to see he shares practically no values with democrats from an economic sense. He mentions how they still want to pass trade deals that are “destructive trade deals that have decimated the working class.” The deal he is talking about is the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, which according to Norman, democrats are still trying to move forward with, despite president elect Trump being firm on his opposition to such a deal. Clearly Norman is a trump guy, and he finishes out his post by simply stating, “ Amazing idiots.” Such simple diction, yet such powerful opinions for such a wide ranging and diverse group.

Now that I think about it, as hard as this is to do, perhaps Norman was too much for Fox News, and that is saying a lot, after all fox news itself is too much for most people. This Norman guy must be quite the character. One thing is for sure, i would not want to talk about politics with this guy, unless I wanted to get knocked out, physically or mentally.