Drawing. Is it when it is. Writing. Dreaming

drawing is it when it’s writing.
is it dreaming when it’s writing.
is it dreaming, writing. drawing.
is it thinking, drawing. writing or dreaming.
is it drawing, writing. when it’s drawing.

and painting.
when is it. it is. if.

when it is, is it.
it is dreaming when it’s writing, drawing. is it.
when it is, is it, when it’s drawing, writing, it is dreaming.

when they’re dreaming. they are.
then they’re not minding. not thinking but dreaming.

drawing is not thinking when it’s dreaming.
drawing is not drawing. is not pulling, drawing.
is not saying. is not thinking. but is dreaming.
is it writing. dreaming.

writing then is drawing when it’s dreaming.
dreaming then is writing when not thinking and it’s drawing.
drawing is not thinking. dreaming.

it is dreaming. it’s not drawing. it’s not pulling.
drawing isn’t when it is. it is dreaming.
thinking is not dreaming.

is it. dreaming. thinking.

dreaming is then writing when it’s not.
dreaming then is drawing when it’s not. it’s not thinking. drawing.

thinking then. and dreaming. and drawing. and writing then. is not when it is not.

dreaming writing then is not then thinking it is drawing.

what is drawing. it’s not drawing. when it’s not.
it’s not pulling.
it is being. dreaming.

any drawing that is pulling isn’t drawing dreaming.

dreaming then is being then. becoming then. something. which is not yet quite what. something. it is. not quite is. something. quiet.
not quite yet something.
not quiet yet something.

drawing then is dreaming is becoming what it is.
and it isn’t there yet quite ever. not quite there.
not quite there. but quiet there.

because it isn’t saying. it’s not thinking. it is dreaming.

what is drawing. what is dreaming. what is thinking. what is writing. when.
it is.
is it anything and going.
yes it is.

writing when it’s drawing. drawing when it’s writing.
they are dreaming. they’re not thinking.

writing is thinking. and mind. and mine.
writing when dreaming isn’t thinking isn’t thinking.
isn’t minding. isn’t paying no mind. and not mine.
is paying no mind. not mine.

unless it’s dreaming it’s thinking.
writing when dreaming is not thinking then.
it is then drawing.

not thinking. not writing.
drawing is dreaming unless it is thinking.
then it is writing. not dreaming. not drawing.

drawing is dreaming.

dreaming is dreaming not thinking really. not writing really.
writing that’s dreaming is not writing really.

it is writing like drawing and not like itself. which is thinking.

when writing is dreaming it’s not thinking.
when drawing is thinking it’s not dreaming.

writing is thinking or else dreaming not writing.
drawing is dreaming or else thinking not drawing.

when is it. when are they.
they are quiet.
writing. thinking. dreaming. drawing.
they are quiet.
they are not yet quite.
they are quiet.

they are something.
not yet quite something.

quietly quiet.

not quite something.
and something.
not quiet.
done quietly.
not quiet.

done quietly
not quiet.
and painting.

will there be any.
done and or dreaming.

is there any seeing.
quite something.
not yet quite something.
and quite quietly quiet.
done quietly.
not quiet.

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