Here is only now not there

this one has no picture but it can be seen

Some prefer it to be difficult.

Thinking always is like how writing is. Writing is now often very short. Writing often now is texting.

Anybody can be disappointing. Anybody will be disappointed.

Anybody wants it to be simple without knowing it or saying it. When it isn’t they don’t like it that’s all.

Thinking that’s like texting is becoming silent. Thinking doesn’t always say it. It’s not always words.

You must now be careful in new ways. It is not like before. More and more we know it. What it was before isn’t known to us. It is more and more a story.

Everyone is listening to what they’re going to say. Is anybody talking with each other?

Everyone is interested in you until they’re not.

Thinking is always like something.

When you say things and no one says anything then you know something. You might not like it. Silence can be saying you are on your own.

Long paragraphs are not for long, not for many.

Reading now is scanning. Which is knowing. Quickly. It must now be known quickly. It must now be seen like an image can be seen. Quickly there in your knowing and your thinking. And then going over it. Like a song.

That now nearly is a long paragraph.

Paragraphs make feeling. Any sentence now can be a paragraph. Any word can be a sentence. Everybody wishes to reduce.

When you’re young you used to be a child and it wasn’t for too long. Now it is too long. It started being too long in the fifties. Now it is much longer. And it isn’t long enough.

In the forties there became a teenager in America. They were young and old. Up until the nineties they were staying young and old. Since the nineties up to now they are younger, getting younger, while getting more sophisticated. Which is not the same as older more responsible. They are ready sooner for technology. To be more mechanical.

That was a very long paragraph. Because it is history. History is hard for anybody now to know because it takes so long. And there is so much of it now. Anyone can feel that there is too much of it and it can’t keep up.

It is getting harder now with less familiar metaphors.

Nobody is liking to be waiting. Some are better at it. But hardly anyone can say they like it. They are fine with it, that’s all.

It is time now to be timely. There is still resistance but it’s getting older and we don’t know what to do with it.

Anybody is now how they’re seen. When you are not seen any way, then you are alone. Are you even here. You are here but you are not there.

Only those who are there can be being here.

Here and there are knowing it. There is being it. Here is when you are the all of everything again. Which is nothing. It’s not there. It’s not seen in any way.

If you’re here now that is one thing. If you’re being here now that’s another thing.

Being here now is being seen that way. Therefore you are there. Being seen that way is there.

This is harder now to see. Can it be known. It is harder to be known when it’s hard to see it.

Knowing it is seeing it. Feeling it is knowing it.

Sometimes seeing has no picture and it’s hard to tell a story without pictures.

Knowing hard-to-see things, not like a picture can be seen but by knowing it by feeling it, can be gratifying profoundly.

That is a paragraph.

There is feeling bad. There is feeling good. That is not the feeling knowing.

That is philosophy.

What is anything? It is known by one’s living and by being seen how you’re being. It is knowing.

It is always going on. Are you facing forward if you like on the train? Are you facing backwards on the train if you like? Are you looking out the window? Is it are you coming or going?

You are always going. One way or another. Now. Any coming now is expenditure. And it often is exhausting.

There is only going and it doesn’t need to be anywhere. It is always there. Being going there, in there.

There is only now just there there. That matters.

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