is a being being

Being. Is a being. Being and a being and or being. A being. And being.

Anybody. Anyone. Is moving. Are they moving. Are they being. Are they. They are moving. And a being when not moving. Anybody when not moving are they being then a being. Can it be a being, being then a being, and then moving or not moving. Is a being still. Is there being still.

Anybody moving can be still. Anybody anyone is being anyone a being. Anybody being, can they be a being. Anybody anyone. Anyone is anybody being. Can they be being. Anybody anyone be being.

When being is a being is then being being being. Are they being then a being being. Is a being ever being a being. Or being. When you’re being, can you be said to be being and a being. Is it being said to be then being, said to be a being. Is it being, being. Is it said to be, and can it be. Can it be said to be. Can it be said. When it’s said, is it. Can it be it, being. Can it be it being.

Anybody moving can be still. And be moving still. And be still moving. And still. Being. Anybody being can be being and then a being said to be a being and be moving when they’re still. Anybody can be being. And a being. Being and a being.

Can you say it. Can you be it. Said to be it. Anybody. Said to be. Is it being anything. Is it being? Is it said to be it. Is it being any being it. Said to be it. Is it being. It. Is it being it. Said to be it. Is it being said to be it. Said to be being. Said to be being it’s not being. Said to not be over here. It’s a being when it has a chance. Being said to be. Being. A being.

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