writing then is written when

writing can be written. when.
it can be.
then it, can it be. written.
when it. can it be then written. when.
can writing be written.

it can be said to be.
writing can be said to be written.
writing can when said to be, be then said to be then writing.
when writing. it can be said it, to be it. to be. said to be. is it.
is it writing. is it said to be written. writing said to be is said to be written. is it writing.
and how.

the right way.
writing said to be written the right way.
in the right way.

there are ways and they are somewhere and you go there. and you go in to them. go in this way to be writing in the way that writing should be written. in a writing way.

is there any way that writing is a way that isn’t written. is there then any writing way, that is, a way that is written. that’s a written way. you go into.
written is then writing in a way that you go into.
writing is then written when you’re going to be written when you do go there. go in to that way.
going to be written. in a way.
and then when then is it. writing then be written.

writing then is written when it isn’t. then not writing.
only in a way then. in a way. then written. writing. in a way. then when. writing. written.
written is then writing when it isn’t writing but is written in a way then writing.

when drawing is a drawing then it isn’t.
like writing then is writing when it’s written isn’t.
it is writing in a way. in a written way.
like a drawing can be drawn in a way it is drawn when it is a drawing it is not then drawing. drawing isn’t drawn and is not a drawing then. drawing. writing.

so then writing isn’t written when it’s not a writing, and then not a piece of writing. there is not even then a writing. there is only then a piece of writing. which is not writing. but is written. when. then.

and then drawing.
and then writing.

isn’t written. this is not how writing should be written. someone said it.
there is always trying to control it.
controlling it is not then writing and not writing it. is it. or drawing it. is then writing drawing writing it, drawing it.

there is writing it and drawing it. and then, is that written drawn or writing and or drawing. and it.

is it ever it.

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