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9 Rules for Being a Popular Writer on Medium

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  1. Use the phrase “…Is Dead” even if that thing isn’t actually dead and is used by millions of people every day. Including you.
  2. Say everyone is “lying” about something and you’re the only one brave enough to share the truth. Do not say that you got that idea from Lifewire.
  3. Mention what you’ve learned about crypto. Do not mention that you’ve made $2000 after losing $4000.
  4. Recommend productivity hacks that you tried once.
  5. Suggest that real geniuses read books not just listen to podcasts or read Twitter. Suggest Zero To One and Atomic Habits (affiliates). Those are total life-changers or something.

6. Write about Medium and how it used to be so much better. (Should’ve been there!)

7. Discuss ways you will completely change your life in only like, 5 minutes.

8. Make writing about side hustles your side hustle.

9. Create a list of your most essential financial advice without giving any financial advice, of course.

Do your own research (DYOR) and come up with your own rules for being a popular writer on Medium.

How do you create successful blog posts every time? Use this checklist to ensure you have the basics covered before hitting publish.

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Josh Spilker

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