Quill Begins LearnLaunch Accelerator

February 10th, 2015

Quill began the LearnLaunch Accelerator program. Quill and five other edtech startups will spend the next three months testing key assumptions about their business models, building a network of mentors, and meeting with leading edtech experts. In addition, LearnLaunch Accelerator has generously provided each startup with six months of free office space at their headquarters in Boston, free or discounted access to countless edtech events, and hosting from Amazon Web Services.

The other startups in the cohort are:

  • Authess — Assessment templates that enable scenario-, simulation- and problem-based assessment that evaluate knowledge and skill mastery, and deliver personalized data to the learner.
  • Education Modified — A platform that empowers teachers who serve students with special needs using the latest research-based strategies and Learning Biographies for seamless collaboration.
  • Knowledge to Practice — Knowledge to Practice improves patient-centered care through personalized, mastery-based postgraduate medical education.
  • NI-O Toys — NI-O Toys is a maker of Hardware Development Kits that enable designers, engineers, kids, and practically anyone to create 3D printable smart educational toys.
  • Pip Learning Technologies — creator of the Trust Platform® identity service, which connects educators to innovators, protects student privacy, and includes parents.

This year’s cohort has been featured in Edsurge, BostonInno, and Xconomy.

The Quill team is proud to be a part of LearnLaunch Accelerator, and looks forward to their next 3 months in Boston.

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