Quill.org Launches ELL Diagnostic

May 12, 2017 · 2 min read

We are very excited to announce the launch of a grammar diagnostic designed specifically for English Language Learners!

Our new ELL Diagnostic consists of 22 questions to assess your students’ knowledge of 10 different grammar concepts. These concepts have been specifically chosen for English Language Learners, and it includes articles, verb tense, subject-verb agreement, prepositions, and capitalization.

The ELL Diagnostic provides additional support for English language learners by offering the directions in both English and the student’s native language. Alongside the English directions, students have the option of also adding directions in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, or Hindi.

You can also use this grammar diagnostic with native English speakers by having students select the English directions.

Just like with our Sentence Structure Diagnostic, Quill’s ELL diagnostic will automatically create an individualized learning plan for each student. The learning plan provides up to ten weeks of personalized activities.

During a testing session with English Language Learners at Building One Community, we worked with a group of a dozen students. Here is a picture of one student working on the diagnostic!

A 5th grade student works on the ELL diagnostic.
A sample of how the students respond to the questions. Teachers access this report from their scorebook. Quill then recommends follow up activities.

The diagnostic automatically grades each student’s answers and tags it with the appropriate concepts. The diagnostic covers a range of writing skills. Here are a couple of sample questions!

Verb tense question
Prepositions question
Students can select from six languages.

You can try the diagnostic by clicking here. You can assign the ELL Diagnostic to your students in the Activity Planner.

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