Primed and ready.

5 Days Into Beta Reading ‘Sound of Stone’

The landscape is changing…
“You’ve got to earn it.”

Such valuable feedback from one of my trusted readers. And there’s been so much more at the level of story, character and setting and plot and conflict.

My beta reading team of about 50 is just five days into reading the latest draft of my novel.

I’m getting engagement and detailed feedback. I’m glad I took a lot of care in setting my readers up for success:

Takeaways so far:

It’s really early. Some of my readers have busy schedules and haven’t jumped in yet. Others were several chapters in on the first night.

Here are my takeaways so far. If you’re a writer, this might only help to see how I’m organizing my own thoughts.

I”m trying out for organization of all feedback in combo with Slack.

I’ve enjoyed using dictation in Notion to keep quick notes to summarize all feedback I’m receiving.

I’m also enjoying it for project management purposes:

Want to get involved in the 2nd phase of Beta Reading? Let me know as a response below or give me a shout…

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