I’m reading my novel today

Today, I’m reading my book.

The objective: To get really in the feel and tone and flow of the arcs of the full cast of characters and plot sequences. To make myself a reader even though I’m the writer, too.

Here are some questions I’m asking myself:

What tone am I setting with Chapter 1? Chapter 2 (when POV shifts)? What is the tone in Chapters 3–45?
Am I fulfilling promises made early?
Am I building and releasing tension appropriately?
Is character decision and change and drive and motivation believable and reinforced at appropriate stages?
Where do I lack foreshadowing, setup?
Are there chances to go deeper?
Are there opportunities to lighten up and crack a joke once in a while?

I’m learning a great deal by reading straight through, start to finish. Having started today (Sunday, September 18, 2016), I’ll likely finish sometime on Monday or Tuesday.

I’ll be getting a beta reading team together soon. Stay in touch. Or be in touch… erik dot vanmechelen at gmail.