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Making adjustments and benefits of structure (Day 3)

Day 3 of reading my novel.

Adjustments: Today turned into a writing day for about 3 hours. I wrote three ~1,000-word scenes as I’m playing with the ending.

I’m really looking forward to (and nervous for) others to read it. I guess this is a pretty natural feeling, but I want to make sure my friends and acquaintances who are somehow impressed that I’m writing a novel understand I am constantly critiquing my work.

Benefits of structure:

While reading the Modern Library Writer’s Workshop by Stephen Koch about six months ago, I added significant synopsis structure into my Scrivener binder. At a glance (and subconsciously, I suspect), I can review the flow of the book in the sidebar.

Flag colors indicate POV character

On days when the writing isn’t coming fast, I can take breaks to review the flow. This keeps the character arcs and the plot sequences fresh, allowing me to meld multiple POVs without a detailed outline.

I’ve got a Slack group queuing up to be part of my beta read. You can join it here: https://enigmatic-waters-3702.herokuapp.com/

If you do join, please shoot me an email, too: Erik.vanMechelen at gmail