Ambitious projects require effort and patience, and love.

Making something worth loving might (will) take longer than you think

I found something in my Evernote. It’s a LinkedIn response to an acquaintance. Basically my two cents about whether or not to take a job. As is often the case, I waxed personal in it.

Having just read it again, I found several things wrong, even laughable, about my thinking.

But that is good. It means I’ve improved my thinking in the ~9 months since.

Congratulations on acceptance into the program.
I’ll be coming back from Chicago either Sunday or Monday.
No worries on checking what I’ve shared, it’s mostly food for thought. I’ll be more eager once I get parts of novel into people’s reading hands soon (next month or so).
One thing to consider…once you’ve considered the obvious (financial, career path, skill set), consider how you feel about it emotionally outside of any metric. (Also realize that doing the program isn’t your only option outside of your current job…you usually have more options than you think — perhaps ruminate on those as a gut-check, too.)
Predicting the far-off future is hard, so what matters is you feel really good about what you’re doing at the given moment.
Anecdote on my end: I overestimated my skill level in both writing and storytelling. Impact? It will take longer than expected to be compensated similarly to Target, perhaps quite a bit longer. Knowing this info 7 months ago might have discouraged me. But since I feel at home for first time in years, I’m glad I didn’t have all the information I do now. So, balance of market research, skill-set, and aspirations might help you frame the decision.
In current situation 7 months in, the aspirations drive me to improve the skill-sets and better understand the marketplace. (Key reasons I started podcasts, to analyze literature but also produce an asset that builds credibility and a following.)

Again, this was NINE months ago (I was in Chicago for New Year’s), and I thought I’d have my novel read in “a month or so” from that date.

So, it is NINE months later, and I’m almost ready. I don’t do that podcast. I doubled down on just writing to improve my writing and storytelling and self-editing.

But now I’m nearing a place where I can put my novel in readers’ hands and minds and not piss them off or waste their time :) And that was definitely a feeling worth working for, worth being patient for.

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