OK, let me just be honest; I don't want to become a potato.

I have to be at my university by September 27th, with my first classes not starting until October 1st, and due to the northern hemispheric location of Sweden, summer vacation started back in June. It doesn't take a Puritan to tell you that 4 months of doing mostly nothing is not good.

The potato transfiguration is a real concern! Hear me out, potatoes are usually planted in early spring and are ready for harvest in autumn. Which, granted, is a bit more than a third of a year… However, Sweden underwent some freakish weather phenomenon this year, which the locals refer to as “Vinter”, where we basically had bad weather up until May. Thus, Spring really didn't start too long ago and with September 27th falling directly into the autumn section of our four-part meteorologically driven calendar, the potato harvest theory seems sound. Before you know it, as if some twisted plotline from some never aired Fringe Season 1 episode where Agent Dunham discovers Walter’s brief LSD induced potter with the Agricultural division at Harvard, my arms will slowly start to recoil and fold into my torso as the sun bakes me into a shriveling shrinking lump on the ground.

So after some minutes of personal reflections, and mild parental pressures, I've decided to do something!

I consider myself a cinema enthusiast but have recently realised that I really don't know much about it. With this realisation in mind, I have decided to watch all (realistically some) the best-picture winners of every (some) years leading up to this one in reverse chronological order. Every day I’ll watch one and write a review of it here for your digesting pleasures. Now listen, I am sure my old (ha!) high-school English teacher wouldn’t hesitate pointing out to me how my writing will most likely fail to match all the literary conventions of a review, and there is nothing to suggest that these will in turn bring any pleasure. However, I am confident it is something I can do!

Now, I can assume you have a couple of questions on your mind, such as; When will this project begin? Have not you already seen all these films? Will you not review the ones you have already seen? Why reverse chronological order? Why do my teeth turn yellow even if I brush them three times every day?

And to that I say; Tomorrow. Not all of them. Why would I do that. Because that would mean 87 films would be the finish mark, but backwards I can just stop anywhere and make up a reason why that amount of films is the perfect amount of films to end on. Natural decay of the enamel.

I feel confident that this will be a fun thing for me to do. As an avid reader of movie reviews and someone who has read a total of one article on how to write them, I feel ready for the challenge.

I mean, it’s just writing my feelings on a movie; how hard can that be?