Bedside beef

You look frail, 
Uncle Sam
and not quite hale

It’s those damn
special interest perverts and experts 
and their screwy diagnosis

It hurts
to see you like this 
reduced to a shadow
of the man you used to be

It just goes to show
that the key
should be sought for elsewhere 
but you are so stubborn
I sometimes despair
of seeing you learn
not to place
your trust (and life)
in their cloying embrace

Don’t go under their knife

And dont think
I would fain
have you drink 
pink champagne 
and wear red tights

You know me better than that

Trust to granulocytes?

My hat

It’s my contention
that you’re being eaten
by galloping consumption

You’re being beaten
by your own troops
and meanwhile hammer and sickle 
cells recoup
(you can’t tickle
them any pinker 
plunged thus in pickle 
hook, line and sinker)
and thank your fickle 

O, it’s awful to see 
the fratricidal fights 
tearing your body politic
(capital pricks
who make one sick 
with their tricks) 

It’s a tragic malfunction 
that my heart
(and your constitution) 
cannot stand to witness

What you need
now is to pay less
to those newfangled bacteria

They’re just bugaboos 
that the media 
moguls see as news

Not so

They’ve got qualities 
shared by your marrow 
and even your antibodies

your troops were programmed 
against that latest antigen 
your very blood was damned

Are you color 
blind even to 
your pallor?

I must warn you 
that you’ll drop dead 
if you keep
on seeing red
even in your sleep

You’re destroying your most 
precious assets
and thereby playing host
to the worst facets
of your all too human nature

You’re being smothered with 
sterile manure

Think of your kin and kith

We’ve been doped to the gills 
by eggheads
and it kills
me to see the beachheads 
for the enemy

It’s weird

It’s wacky

Its sense gone haywire 
and I wish to God
you’d fire
those clods

it to hell
Uncle Sam
I wish you’d get well

Tyrone Graham for Written Tales

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