Freedom they Say, Freedom…

I no longer know how to move, or gaze into the distance freeing my mind from the horrors of reality. Each step forward, a jerk, I’m locked in place; tungsten chains bind my ankles with only three links of length. Each day I’m told to collect happiness, to look up and believe in my government; “for remember,” they say, “you live in the land of the free and the brave.”

I am not sure if they hear their own words. In the world they create, our light begins by scenes they feed us daily. The dreams they tell us to believe from the age of none to ninety-one. And if one tries to set themselves free (not part of those pulling strings), just wait and see the wrath they bring upon your once calm sea.

From the moment we entered this world, until the day we return to the earth, our choices are defined by the system that takes our lives. From the instant in which we opened our eyes, our freedom becomes alive when we return to the grave, and our spirit flies high.

Freedom they Say, Freedom by K. Saitta © 2017, A Walk In Verse

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