Hi Love


Hi love, so nice you made it back I’ve been waiting for you. See, in these moments of life we get off track at times and need to get off track because without being off track there would be no on track.

You see its black and white and you can only see one at a time. We are out looking in at mirrors of ourselves that stretch on in through infinity and sometimes it works, other times we are just staring at purple zit on our cheek. And there is too much to look at in this modern world and that is a root of neurosis, we are caught whimsical by phantoms in the crash course of time and all the fallen flowers that seem like their supposed to be ours aren’t. We are losing track of ourselves picking up someone else’s dead flowers when all along we we’re supposed to be growing flowers not picking them from cold city windowsills.

We are pedestrians tripping in a vortex called capitalism and can’t seem to get the shoe to fit. We can’t fit these big clunky natural locks inside these prescription bonnets that they want shoved on our heads smearing our eyes shut because we have become sewn eyed puppets to a mythology no one quite cares for and we forced it upon the world and now we are here.

Now I won’t go to blame the whole world on white Europeans they fucked up in a grand way granted but let us not forget that it is people today who are choosing this way of life in every moment. That must surely be because the now is always better than the past, not better as in more sustainable or whatever other hippy term you wish to throw on it but better because the world is what it is.

We are god’s among starships, falling closer to our purpose in these coming days. We are the kings among kings and it is time we wakeup to the reality that we are living in the most epic epoch that has ever existed. In this very moment exists more potential for oblivion and heaven than any other time. It is these years that will define and shape the curve for the rest of human history and that is a marvelous concept.

Let us not be disgruntled by the ebb and flow of big money and politics for they too are pawns in the game; the real game lives behind it all. It lives the illusion that this is real.

Let us not forget that we shall die and that time is short lived between a crib and casket. We are all but awaiting destiny and in-between that time we have choices to make.

We may choose to remain stagnant in our boat, docked to the polluted rancid shoreline of old ways or we may wish to risk it all and set out into uncharted realms. It is a one way ticket to death either way and so we have a choice: to live it or let it live us.

What is it that we can do so that when we die we smile. It is this truth that lies in line with true success. There is no amount of fortune or fame that could bring success if at the end of the day one cannot look themselves in the mirror, stare into the depths of their star burnt pupil and say, “Hey, your a great.”

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