Keep off the grass

The camp was as still as a painted ship
No sea was calmer than that ring of hills 
All life was confined to this little strip 
Crazy weather had most men popping pills

Way out in a spot forgotten by time
A freaked-out bunch of grunts sat on their ass 
Playing cards for a fistful of dimes
They was telling us keep off of the grass

There was nothing to look for ’cept the mail 
Which was delivered without the speed 
Zapped-out heads began seeing things as tail
Took night patrols to keep from going to seed

Some turned turtle while some became candid 
All over camp flowers freaked out the brass 
No one had a hang-up that could be hid
And they wanted us to keep off the grass

Some freaks frothed cold turkey worse than the blues 
Talk of peace fading with the rounding moon
The brass had their nose wedged tight in their booze 
If tomorrow came it would be too soon

The enlisted men were out of their class 
Nothing for it but to graze on that grass 
Just one way to head time off at the pass 
And they keep telling us keep off the grass

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