Live Life

For Death is Imminent, and Time Passes By

Life is the simple thing we neglect every day. 
A day contains the time as we travel along our way. 
Time is the thing we lack in our lives 
As we yearn to find our way in this phenomenon called life.

We grow old in wisdom, yet are fragile in youth; 
We cannot escape the perils that seek us with each move. 
We can embrace the seconds that the clock has, 
Or be the pawn forced by the master’s perilous hand.

Once we realize that three score and ten 
Is the amount of time in which we have, 
We will let misfortunes lie where they awake,
For life will not wait for us to simply engage.

Time must be the best of what we can make 
As days are the things we can no longer waste. 
For once they are gone like the birds in the sky, 
They will never return, until death when we die.

So take heed from these words
That I must proclaim;

Live life to the fullest before the light fades. 
Take one day at a time and never in dismay. 
Travel the world to find what you sought in your dreams. 
Climb the tallest mountains, quietly enjoy the scenes. 
Walk among the people from sea to shining sea; 
Hike along the rivers to live and be free.

For once three and ten spins dry, 
Death is imminent, and life passed by.

Life by K. Saitta © 2007, A Walk In Verse

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