Ocean Music (flash fiction).

The music of the ocean is thrown off kilter by an unexpected visitor.

1000 day MFA: Week Four.

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Ocean Music

Splash and pull. Splash and pull. The rhythm was constant and hypnotic. The waves thundered, crescendoing before dying down. Grains of sand swished as the salty water lapped against the pebbles. With the drama of a crash cymbal, the larger waves erupt upon the shore, creating a majestic wall of spray before falling back into the tide.

Suddenly, the water scattered. Ripples form. The rhythm is thrown off kilter. Confused and a little annoyed, the ocean throw itself upon the disturbance. The little girl screamed but she was not frightened. As she was drenched by the icy water, she shrieked with exhilaration. Not discouraged in the least, she continued her high kicks. The droplets bounced off of her toes. Airborne for only a second, they landed back onto the ocean’s surface like rain. With fearless abandon, the intruder rushes towards the waves. She leaps, throwing her weight against its power. Submerged at last, her splashing and crashing throws the music into disarray.

The chaos is calmed by a lovely sound. The girl’s vivacious laughter rings out brightly. Pleased, the ocean incorporates her into the song, attuning itself to her wild movements and her joyous, carefree spirit.

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This story is an original work by Danielle Nolan, 2017.

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