When the red man rides again

In those days prairies were wild 
And life was free and easy
The red man was Nature’s child 
O Great Spirit, but life was free!

Buffalo were too many to count 
They roamed in sea-like herds 
All you needed was a mount
To know the flight of birds.

On the plains horizons were far 
You could ride for endless days 
And still be lone as a star
 — Now they’ve taken it all away.

Roads cut the land to pieces
Dead stone blocks off the wind
O Great Spirit, teach them true riches
 — Cleanse our minds: we’ve all sinned.

All this will melt like snow

Until only the plains will remain 
O Great Spirit, hang out the rainbow
When the red man rides again.

— And think not that his skin 
Would be any special shade
 — It’s the spirit that’s within 
Of which free men are made —

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