When too much isn’t enough

And let me be real first,

I have too much money

I come from a place called “Don’t stand out’,

And it’s dark and the school sits pretty and painted by taxes and

Strait haired parents kissing school board butts and pushing floppy haired minions of themselves into bowl cut sports clips and turning drum sticks into pencils. Let us push these kids down the same miserable hole we followed in hopes that they’ll turn out different, in hopes that they’ll find happiness.

For it is in the same mindset that the same problem is cast over and over and the worst thing is: we chose this life.

We chose this mindless destitution of corrupting the engines to our own souls, letting them rust away in empty hallways in the name of productivity,

Because good fun is for suckers and is outdated, because competition breeds beauty..


Or is it that we’ve slipped up, chased rabbit holes down old homes that have no where real left to go.

Heads down in dark dirt chasing one flickering beam of light that lives an infinity away and when we make it finally to the end of that tunnel and realize its a plastic sign flashing with but one line: ‘time to die’

And was any journey ever made in its finale alone?

And what would a finale be had it not been for the prequel, the journey, the foreplay?

And so let us turn our tides with risky fingers and plunge deep into the depths of our own orgasmic souls

Let us plunge into something more than the outer,

Into something realer than the ‘real world’,

Because life can be made or paved and one is creation and one is destruction and it’s all going on.

Let us go and build and pluck wild into the harp strings of our metronomed heart’s,

Let us bleed new music into this cosmic romance,

Let us inspire,

Let us burn

Let us dance like fire.

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