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Letter sent on May 13, 2017

Written Tales Weekly #4

Welcome to the Written Tales Weekly.

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A Big Hug & Thank You

To all the members of the Written Tales, you are incredible! The support everyone has shown the writers is heart-warming. Let’s keep the journey moving forward to help writers and readers to connect.

Please continue to like and share the beautiful writing with all your friends and family. And if you enjoy the Written Tales Weekly, send it to others so they can become a part of the exciting adventure and enjoy it as much as you do.

This Week in Written Tales

To all our Twitter followers, we thank you! This week we reached over 2K followers, and it is growing. Let’s keep sharing the love for our writers by retweeting their amazing work!

Posting Schedule

A new feature that integrates with our Facebook page. You are now able to view the posting schedule to see when your favorite writer will sharing their amazing work. To view the schedule please see our Written Tales Facebook page for the listings.

Written Tales Readers Challenge

The themes are in and now, let the creation begin!

The themes:

  1. Stuck in a rut
  2. Lifted Up
  3. Last Straw

The new >> section << is up, and waiting for our writers to fill the pages as our members read and vote on their favorite tales!

More about the challenge and how to vote for your favorite writers below.

Two Tales From The Week

by Narmadhaa

Suicide road
by Tyrone Graham

Members Corner

The Written Tales Readers Challenge begins!

A new section has been created (home) for all the brilliant entries to be read and voted on. To vote for your favorite Written Tales writer, a voting link will be included in the Written Tales Weekly. We will update the entries on the form to make voting simple and fun!

It is you, the members and writers, that makes the Written Tales journey possible. And because of this, we want our members to be the ones involved in helping us select the poems and stories for the Written Tales Readers eBook.

Please continue to send in your themes to challenge the writers for your reading pleasure. You can add them by clicking the direct link >>> here

As we continue our literary journey, we will use these prompt for our other challenges that we have planned to help push our writer’s creative edge.

If you vote on the story above using >> this link << please save the email you receive after you vote. It will allow you to update your voting selections as new stories are added to the challenge.

Once the challenge is complete, we will tabulate all votes and announce which stories will be published in the first ever Written Tales Readers Challenge eBook!

A Poem for Your Enjoyment

Just Hold On
by Letter Of Hope

Welcome New Authors

This last week we had a few new awesome authors join our journey; we are extremely excited to have them. With no further ado, let us all give them a warm welcome by sharing their beautiful stories.

  • David Everitt
  • Shannon Ferretti
  • Dan Belmont

Please visit Written Tales to read their beautiful work, and if you like their stories, please click the little heart to show your support.

And for all you talented writers out there who are wanting to have your work seen, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey. We will help you connect with those that will adore your work.

A Tale or Two for You

Jack Tried Everything
But some people never learn.
by Kevin Saitta

by Narmadhaa

For Our Amazing Writers

Before we dive into the awesome Written Tales Readers Challenge we would like to share a new section for writers.

The, “For Writers”, section that is to help authors grow in their creativity and offer advice to help them write better. Topics are open. Please submit and share your writing advice or tips!

Written Tales Readers Challenge

The contest is now live and waiting for your creative submissions based on the themes provides by our members. They are:

  1. Stuck in a rut
  2. Lifted Up
  3. Last Straw

Submitting to Challenge

When submitting your brilliant work to the challenge, please add the words “Readers Challenge” to your title, and in the body, please add the theme you are writing for. We will remove these when posting. No pre-writes, only new work to help push your creative edge. You can submit more than one short story or poem. We will leave how many you wish to submit up to you.

Title & Body Tagging Example


  • Readers Challenge: My Actual Title

In Body Text At the Bottom

  • Theme: Lifted Up

We are looking forward to all the brilliant submissions and the chance to further promote your work and help you grow as a writer!

For complete details please read, Written Tales Reader Challenge Begins.”

Facebook Group & Writers Profile

If you are a Written Tales author, please request to join, and we will add you. It’s going to be awesome! This group will allow us to come together and share our ideas, allow everyone to offer input and be the first to discuss new features on the horizon. You can view the enjoyable new page on FaceBook at:

To all our amazing writers, if you have not updated your profile on our submission form, please do as it will help us better promote your work for the types of readers you wish to reach.

New Authors Welcome

If you write poetry or short stories, please join the Written Tales!

A Few Last Tales Before You Go

by C.E. Shebat

Not what it used to be..
by Cindy Letic

Dualities Repel
by Trudi Young Taylor

by Tyrone Graham

Until Next Time

Friends, please continue to show your love and support for our authors by clicking the little heart that helps them to be seen. Also, please share their wonderful tales with your friends and follow us. If you know anyone that would enjoy this newsletter, please forward it to them so they can also subscribe to receive beautiful tales to read.

Again, we want to thank everyone for following and supporting Written Tales.

We look forward to the exciting times ahead as we help our authors to bring enjoyment to their fans.

Thank you from the Written Tales,


Editor of Written Tales