Mass Rescue Mission — Week #1

Prompt: Undercover for a top government agency, an injured alien breaks into a prison.

Image credits: Cok3ster

Rufus cursed. The old injury was rearing its head again… and it was messing with his shapeshifting abilities. He was now stuck in this horrid human form.

He hoped he would be able to shift back later.

“R, do you read me?” a voice came in on his earpiece.

“Yes, Q, I’m almost there.”

Rufus swung the door of the lab open and gasped. “Q, it’s horrible.”

On the other end of the line, Quentin hissed. “Save whoever you can,” he said.

It hadn’t been difficult to break into the human facility. The ones on Earth had always been overconfident creatures.

All Rufus had to do was watch and when he had all the information he needed, move quickly. Every day that passed meant that even more of his kind would be killed.

Rufus moved through the room, unlocking the cages. The people inside seemed confused.

If what Rufus had heard was correct, some of them had always lived in this prison — born here, bred here, for more of those horrid experiments.

“You’re free now,” Rufus said. “You can come with me or you can live your lives freely on Earth.”

They didn’t understand him. Curse this human body, he thought. It was too loud, too clumsy, too wrong. He shook his head, stretched his shoulders, hoping.

His shoulder gave a satisfying pop and it was as if a muscle cramp had disappeared. He shifted into his natural form.

“You’re free!” he squeaked. “Come with me if you like or live your lives on Earth if you like. The choice is yours.”

Realisation dawned in their eyes and they began streaming out of the cages. Some came to stand beside Rufus. He sighed. He would have to shift again.

Back in human form, Rufus bent and put the ones who had stood beside him into a bag. “Just until we get out,” he said.

There were screams as Rufus walked out of the building.

“What do you mean all the mice escaped?” a security guard shouted into his walkie-talkie.

Rufus walked out into the sun and smiled.

This creative fiction piece was crafted in 30 minutes based on a writing prompt as part of Written Weekly, a writers’ group held weekly in PJ.