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I’ve just had a strange week. I had perfect circumstances to be highly productive — I rested on a weekend at the PwC’s (my employer) getaway; my wife started a new job and she was away from home between 10 am and 7:20 pm (she is one huge distraction when…

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My friends nicknamed me Mr. Consistency. Clearly, they thought I possess this trait at an extraordinary level. However, there is nothing extraordinary about my consistency. It is mundane, even boring. It is not so difficult at all.

Most think consistency is hard, difficult, impossible, tough, unstable, untenable, and unsustainable.


I’ve just reached the threshold of 5,000 monthly reads on Medium. This happened after my 2-year hiatus on Medium.
The increase in views and reads wasn’t gradual at all — there was a single tipping point, which generated most of the traffic. I can hardly attribute it to my efforts…

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The easiest way to become aware of the performance of anything is to track it. To progress in any given area, simply begin to track the essential metrics.

You don’t have to decide that you’ll be mindful about it. Once you start tracking, you’ll put your attention into it, and…

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Eight years ago, exactly at the 26th of May 2013, I published my first book.

When I had hit the ‘publish’ button, I secretly hoped for things every first-time writing greenhorn dreams about: fame and money. …

I don’t think you need to strengthen your resolve to turn something into a habit. You need to have resolved.

Let’s have a look at the definition of resolve:

firm determination to do something

And a couple of other definitions:

firm — having a solid, almost unyielding surface or structure.

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I‘ll spare you lofty declarations and focus on areas where really my money and time go. I’ll also answer this question from two angles: time-wise and money-wise.


It struck me when I listened to an interview with Brian Tracy that people who invest in themselves got the better ROI possible…

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I will start from the easiest and most impactful and finish with the most impactful in the long run (the only time horizon that really counts).

1. Writing Down Daily Priorities.

I usually note down at the beginning of my day 1–3 priorities for the day. I almost never work on anything else, till I…

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We think that self-discipline is an ability to do the things we want to do when we don’t feel like doing it. Which is close to the truth. However, the exact definition of self-discipline is:

the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses.

Self-discipline is a character trait…

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I’ll focus solely on self-talk here, but the underlying principles can be used for overcoming bad habits too.

Controlling all your self-thoughts is as impossibly hard as controlling an arm’s movement 24/7. It’s theoretically possible, but you’d do nothing else.

It defeats the purpose. If you focus 24/7 on con­trolling…

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