How To Bulletize Your Persuasion Skills In 30 Minutes A Day

There’s one practice that’s improved my Copywriting and persuasive writing chops more than anything other. This one skill gives you the ability to sell just about anything through your writing. It’s not headlines, hooks or “clickbait” techniques.

That skill is writing bullets. I’m not talking about the cheesy bullets you seen in “corporate” communications or technical documentation. I’m talking about sales bullets. I spend thirty minutes every morning practicing my sales bullets. I talk about this practice in my book Addictive Productivity so I won’t dwell on it here.

Great sales bullets tease, entice and spark insatiable desire. They cram raw power into as few words as possible.

They give the reader the benefit but hold back the mechanism that makes it work. For example,

  • How to eliminate dark circles under your eyes without creams, surgery or homeopathic nonsense
  • What 77% of married women wish their man knew about foreplay (but are embarrassed to bring up)
  • 89% couples who earn more than $143,652 ignore this $5,842 tax saving. (Even your tax software hides this loophole)

The Secret Behind Powerful Bullets

Notice how in those three bullets I revealed the benefit of each fact, not the mechanism behind the benefit. That is the power of a bullet. You create a sensation of curiosity and desire. If I had revealed the mechanism behind the benefit there would be no curiosity or desire and no reason to buy what you are selling.

I bring this up because I’ve been slaving over a bullet writing project the last few days. I must admit I’ve struggled on parts of it. Struggled. Even with two years of practice under my belt I still face challenges. That’s what I love about the bullet writing process. Each new project presents new challenges, new opportunities to sharpen your skill.

A great bullet can make a sale. A great bullet sometimes exceeds the power of the underlying mechanism. Take a look at the first bullet I posted above:

How to eliminate dark circles under your eyes without creams, surgery or homeopathic nonsense

What if I told you that the mechanism behind the dark circle elimination was getting eight hours of sleep? It would be a letdown, right? That’s the sheer power of a bullet.

I once bought a product in the neighborhood of $1,000 based on a single bullet. Just one powerful benefit enticed me to buy.

There’s a process for writing bullets and I don’t have the time or space to delve into that here. Don’t worry. I won’t leave you hanging too long.

In a few weeks I’ll be putting together a free guide on how to write bullets. If you’d like access, hop on over to my website and sign up so that you can be notified when it’s released.