I Published A Book To Market Myself… But Forgot About Marketing

I set a goal for myself yesterday. Publish a softcover book in twenty-four hours. Eighteen hours after I set that goal I received a final approval. The book is called The Persuasion Bullet Bible.

It started as a short article. I expanded it to an eighteen page guide. For the last two months I gave it away as a free pdf on my website. I added two bonus sections. That gave it enough bulk to meet printing standards. My new book entered the world.

For a long time, I craved a real book of my own. Friends of mine use them as marketing tools and get kick-ass results. Amazon’s CreateSpace prints them as you need them so you don’t need any up front investment.

A Kindle book is nice but not enough. It fails to carry the status and power of a physical book. The weight, depth and feel of a real book influences our perception. I’ll explain the process of doing this in a separate article. For now, I’ll tell you about the big mistake I made. I left something out of my book that would have hiked my credibility a few extra notches.

This step can make or break you if you’re a consultant, freelancer or even a job seeker.

The Instant Credibility Upgrade

An introduction or Foreword from a third party upgrades your credibility. If your intro writer carries weight in your field, you earn even higher status. With my twenty-four hour deadline I lacked the time to reach out and get someone to write a foreword or intro for me. I decided to publish it anyway. I do plan to add it to a future version.

What makes an intro from someone else so effective?

It’s a form of social proof. Someone else vouches for your skills, work and ability. This explains why you see celebrity endorsements. Numerous studies show that even when an audience knows the celebrity receives payment for their endorsement, it still carries weight.

What To Say

A foreword or intro should highlight your skills, qualities and achievements. It could recount your journey together if it’s relevant. Avoid glowing testimonials. Yes, those have their place but not here. Your foreword or intro should come across as high praise but dignified. Pick out a few of your favorite books in your field. Model the ones that arouse your desire.

Not Just For Books

A book may be the traditional place where you find an intro or foreword. The “Intro Influence” impacts us no matter what media we favor. Consider:

  1. An third party intro in a video
  2. Getting a peer to record an intro to your podcast
  3. Ask a client or mentor to write a foreword for your web page
  4. A third party intro for a social media profile
  5. Anywhere else you market yourself to the world

Now that I created my book, it’s time for me to seek out a client or peer. I need a foreword for the next version.