Is There A Strategy To Deal With Unpredictable People?

Source: GetStencil

There’s an old house around the corner from me. An elderly couple moved out a few months ago. There was no for sale sign. No open house or showing. Somehow, a sale was made.

The new owners gutted the entire house. It was once a decrepit old house. Now, beautiful stone work holds your gaze for an extra few seconds as you walk by.

The new owners have been coming around a lot to check on the progress. It’s a family a five. A few of my neighbors met the woman.

She gushed about how much she loved the neighborhood and the school district.

This couple has three kids in elementary school. She talked about playdates, block parties and all the neighborhood things Americans treasure.

Here’s The REAL Story

She and her husband flip houses for a living. They have one fourteen-year-old daughter.

They go into nice neighborhoods and seek out distressed homes before they hit the market. Once they acquire the property, they gut renovate and make a quick sale.

Are You Confused Yet?

That means one thing. Everything she said was a lie. Playdates, block parties and sending her kids to a new school were part of a giant lie.

Here’s the funny thing.

There was no reason for her to lie. She had nothing to gain. It made no sense.

Why on earth would someone tell such creative lies for no apparent gain?

What Is Normal Reality?

Events like this give me a good kick in the pants. Some people act outside the bounds of normal reality.

I’ve written over two-hundred articles on persuasion, copywriting and marketing. All of those strategies and tools work on normal people. Normal people act in a predictable manner.

Pathological liars, sociopaths and others with unique brain waves use different decision-making logic than the rest of us.

I often think people exaggerate stories like this. Do you remember playing the game “telephone” as a kid? A story gets told so many times. Tiny changes occur each telling. By the end, there’s little truth left.

This was not one of those situations. Multiple sources confirmed the story.

Why would someone tell lie after lie for no possible benefit? I don’t know.

Can You Win Against The Unpredictable?

How do we interact with people like this? I have no clue.

Sales, marketing and persuasion strategies work because people are predictable. Most of us fall into that category. Most of your customers fall into that category.

You can try creative strategies to win over the unpredictable. They’re only a small piece of the pie. It’s not worth it.

I’ll continue to focus my energy on the 95% who are more predictable.

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