The Three Goals That Keep Me Writing Every Single Day

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Perfection equals messiness. I said those words after a two-hour cooking ordeal. I don’t consider myself an expert cook but I know the basics. It amazes me how some cooks finish up and leave a near spotless kitchen behind.

Not so when I cook. Pots, pans and cutting boards pile up in the sink. Unidentifiable liquids remain on the counter top. I swear it takes longer to clean up than it does to cook and eat.

Still, I feel a sense of satisfaction when I cook a good meal.

The Prize At The End

My wife does most of the cooking. On rare occasions I step up to the plate. If I did it every day I would find it a chore. Since I do it only once a week, I find it enjoyable. You get a sense of pleasure when your family says they like what you create.

It’s the same pleasure I get when someone emails me and tells me they like one of my stories. When I first began my writing practice I did it for my own benefit. Soon, emails flowed in telling me how much they liked what I wrote.

Then, I fell into a trap. I picked headlines and subject matter that I thought would elicit more of those ego-inflating comments. When those emails came I felt great. When they didn’t I felt like a failure.

I came to a realization. The only way to survive the writing game, at least for me, is to write for myself first.

Be Selfish

My original goal morphed into pleasing others with my writing. I knew that would lead me to failure. The downturns were too painful. The upswings were too ego-inflating. That combination would prove unsustainable.

I changed my goals to something more sustainable in the long run. I now focus on three tiny goals. This focus keeps me writing every single day.

Let’s begin with my first goal.


Learn something. In every piece I write, I start with an experience and an idea. Then I ask myself how they tie in together. That process of discovery results in learning. If you learn something every time you write, you can never fail.


Share something useful. I publish almost all my stories somewhere. By nature, most of us like to share. Each time I learn something, the natural course of action is to share the benefits with others.


Anytime you put something out to the public you risk failure. I like to experiment. Some experiments fail. Those failures often lead to breakthroughs later.

Here’s one example.

I wrote several articles about the importance of using nostalgia in marketing. The first two bombed on every measure that matters. The third one did really well. I would never have gotten to the third one if I hadn’t suffered through the first two.

Learn, share and experiment. With those writing goals you cannot fail.

You will receive your share of accolades, criticism and indifference. I still love the accolades. The criticism stings for a few seconds but sometimes it helps. The indifference stings for a few minutes and and offers you the most definitive feedback.

Learn. Share. Experiment.

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