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This Sometimes Shady Marketing Tactic Flat Out Works!

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Can you spot the two examples in this story?

I hopped into the coffee shop in need of an afternoon jolt. I intended to buy only a coffee. Before I had a chance to order, I spotted a golden biscotti staring at me. I had to buy it. I enjoyed every bite of it with my coffee.

Before heading home I walked around the neighborhood. My creative logic decided a ten-minute walk would “pay” for my decadence. I passed a liquor store. “I’m out of wine. Let me pick up a few bottles.”

On the way out, I noticed something unusual. They had 85% dark chocolate on sale. It took me by surprise. I never saw this at a liquor store. As a chocolate lover, I couldn’t resist. I bought a bar.

In less than one hour I made two unplanned purchases.

This is why I always discount the statement:

“I’m not in the market for …”

Just because someone tells you they’re not interested, doesn’t mean they’re not going to buy.

I wasn’t in the market for the biscotti or chocolate. I was already in the buyers mindset. Seeing those items triggered a buying impulse.

The First Purchase Sets The Stage

Buying a coffee made me easy prey to the addictive biscotti.

Buying the wine made me easy prey to the dark chocolate.

The initial purchases put me in a buying mood. We all experience this at times. We buy one thing and then we add onto it.

Marketers and sales people do this through upsells.

A subsequent offer you make to your buyer after the initial sale.

Here’s a personal example.

Last year I had the steps to my house replaced. The contractor said he could replace the damaged stone by the entrance for an extra few hundred. I said yes. Would I ever call him up just to replace a few pieces of stone? No, but he was there and I was in the buyers mindset.

Are Upsells Ethical?

It’s often a tough question to answer. Sometimes it feels sleazy. Other times it feels natural. Here are two rules I follow.

An upsell should be something your buyer would never expect as part of the initial sale.

Your initial sale must include a complete product. The upsell should not be the missing piece to make your product work.

Imagine my contractor gave me a price to replace the steps. Then he tells me it’s an extra five-hundred to include the cement. He breaks both rules by using cement as an add on. That kind of tactic gives upsells a bad rep.

Use your creativity. What else would your customer desire but never expect? Is there something else they need or want but not motivated enough to seek out?

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