Why Some Of Your Old Tricks Aren’t Working Anymore

You’ve locked them in a prison…that’s why…

“man doing BMX bike stunts” by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Is it only me that has noticed this?


That, the tricks that worked earlier are no more reliable. Or perhaps they seem “out of date” or expired.

Like, I devised a solution to beat procrastination. It was a simple mantra that I would use and snap out of the lazy attitude.

But now…it’s just not working. It seems as if my mind and body have found a defense for that, too.

Where does the efficiency of that method go? What eats up its effectiveness?

A piece that fit the puzzle so well a few minutes earlier, now sits outside, unwilling to go.

My question is,

“Is the piece resisting or the puzzle resisting?”

Are we so lazy and corrupted that none of the hacks work on us for long? Or is it just that the hack goes wrong. Or perhaps we are not using it properly.

What Could Be The Answer

I think, that the №1 reason an ideology stops working is that we burden it with expectations.

The first time we try anything, it’s fresh and free of our expectations. So we are able to see the wonders happen.

But in the next turn, we know, that it IS going to work, and we take it lightly. Therefore, it doesn’t work.

Why does this happen? I still do not know. But I think that this could be the reason. That our expectations and attachment slows down the process.

No matter how much you get, expectation turns a blind eye towards all of that.

On your first attempt, you had no expectations. You were comfortable with the thought of not getting anything in the end.

So whatever you get seems like a big bonus! It’s like you pulled the lever of the jackpot machine for $5, and got a $1000!

Next time, you go and pull the lever for a $2000, and get $500…

I’m gonna smash that machine!

Zero expectations won’t double the reward, but it will make you grateful for whatever you’re getting. (Calm down, Hulk…)

The Argument For Expecting EVERYTHING

I know…many people must be thinking that why shouldn’t I expect?

Many other writers say, “You SHOULD expect everything!”

Well, then they even say that you shouldn’t attach to that expectation. And that’s exactly what we do.

We expect the result, and when we don’t get it or get something lower, we get upset. If you wouldn’t have attached to it, you would have never felt terrible.

And still, this is what I think.

That expectation and attachment hurt. They make you blind. You get ungrateful for what you have and what you are getting right now.

There Could Be Many OTHER Reasons

I’m not saying that this is the ONLY reason. Many times we also get complacent and do not apply the technique well.

Sometimes, it’s classic lethargy. We enjoy the state in which we are and do not want to relinquish it.

But the problem comes when we give up on the solutions. That too without giving our best into it.

I’ve tossed away many of my antidotes just because they didn’t produce the same results the second time.

I never turned the arrow towards me to search the problem within. Rather, I always found fault with the problem or the approach. I never thought that even I can mess stuff up.

Yes, even the approach could be wrong, but without testing it out, we can’t write it off.

In Mathematics, when you’re not able to solve a problem, we mostly check the approach. But we only put off a specific approach when we’ve tried it enough number of times.

My father always taught me this method while teaching Maths.

That you opt for one approach first. Try the sum at least 2–3 times. If not working, check the way you are attempting the sum. If still not working, check the approach.

I think the same goes for our day-to-day problems, doesn’t it?


I’m a great believer of spontaneous writing. And that works.

So, when I started writing, I had a point. That expectations are making things worse.

Then, as we moved ahead, we got to know more reasons.

  1. Expectations are a burden.
  2. Complacency.
  3. Problem in the approach.
  4. Looking for the problem outside.
  5. Not searching inside at first for the problem.

So now we know, that why some of our old tricks aren’t working anymore…

😉 😉 😉 😉