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8 Pieces of Advice from the Women of the We Are Next Podcast

In honor of International Women’s Day, I gathered 8 mic drop moments of wisdom from some of our female guests. I had plenty to choose from, given that 59% of the advertising rockstars on the podcast are women. 💪🏼

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“You can bring your path, and your voice, and who you are to everything you do. And it’s right, because it’s right to you. And understanding that someone else’s right is what is right for them.”

Analysa Cantu, Account Supervisor at Wieden + Kennedy

“You absolutely have to work your ass off. But make sure that you’re working your ass off for the right people.”

Kim Mackenzie, Partner & Principal Strategist of Ripley Strategy

“The reason why it’s so important to lead your personal brand is that if you don’t define your personal brand, someone else will do it for you.”

Jocelyn Lai, Principal & Founder at jsl talent consulting

“If someone interrupts me, I will say the phrase, ‘Could you please let me finish?’ When someone actually hears it, they can’t really say to you, ‘Oh, no.’ It’s super rude.”

Dominique Brown, Strategist at KBS

“Start saving early — I know it’s so hard to do with all our college and graduate school loans and life in general — but open a jar, call it your fuck-off fund. You need that because you need to fall back on yourself.”

Lalita Salgaokar, Senior Copywriter & Journalist at Campaign US

“The second you start thinking about yourself in a box, you’re going to be in a box.”

Jordan Schenck, Head of Consumer Marketing at Impossible Foods

“If you’re not fully comfortable and happy where you are, make a move. Talk to somebody. Don’t sit there until it’s too late and you have to do so much damage control to even find yourself again.”

Mariam Guessous, Creative Director & Entrepreneur

“Assume that you have every right to be able to give your opinion, that you’re valued in the room.”

Pam Fujimoto, Executive Creative Director at WONGDOODY

Thank you to all of our strong, smart, and generous female guests. We Are Next champions your voice, success, and mentorship of the next generation of talent.

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