Free art piece idea #12

This one’s called “💩”.

“Shit” is a very figurative word in the English language. Just like the word “fuck” whose versatility Osho demonstrated, “shit” is often used to talk about non-fecal business. Yet for non-native English speakers (NNES), it evokes some more literal images sometimes. “He has his shit figured out” might convey something very different in the mind of an NNES.

“💩” is a piece of graphic art to represent this reality.

Two examples of graphical representation in the mind of a non-native English speaker

Exploring the history of the “poop” emoji might be a way to open the exhibition the day of. Comparing the relative joy of different piles of poop in different companies’ emoji sets is another one.

The relative joy of the “pile of poop” emoji in different Tech Companies’ emoji sets
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