Free art piece idea #14

This one’s called “The little man inside” or “The judah within”.

This piece is dedicated to the little man inside who backstabs all of our weakest emotions. This is the “little” you, the weaker you that lets all of the rest of you down. Here’s a bad poem about him:

There is a part of me constantly trying to make a break
Always attempting to escape
He is the little ugly guy in all the movies
The one you know will let everybody down
He is the bald guy in the first Matrix movie
He is your ill-intentioned fake friend who does things to get things
He is you when bordering despair
And he is always there
2 representations of the little man within

The judah within looks like so:

  • The little man inside has a very long right leg and a very long right hand. This makes balance very hard for him.
  • The mouth is either absent or large to the point it expresses close to nothing.
  • The 2 eyes are at the extremities of the face. They are placed in a way to represent fear from what’s behind and obsession with what’s ahead.
  • Judah is always represented in a situation of motion towards something one can’t see.

The author is free to perform the little man inside himself by dressing up. The author of the idea can also paint the little man inside or write a theatre play about him. Please note the little man inside is present in every woman as well.

The author can also represent or perform several manifestations of the little man. For instance, the little man will overeat when the rest of one’s being is under stress. The little man will over-focus on sex, especially the lack of it, whenever one’s being is lacking crystal clear direction in life or work, be it short term or long term.

Also note, the little man inside, just like in all movies, is caught after the fact or very close to the moment where things become clearer. For instance, you’ve texted a romantic interest you haven’t seen in a while. You stop and ponder why. And you quickly figure out, the driver was hunger for sex and the driver behind the driver is a little part of you that betrayed the rest of you. This makes me think the author could call the exhibit: “Judah! Not again”.

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