Free art piece idea #38

No excuses — The lion treadmill

This one is called “No excuses”.

The bodybuilding and fitness world is filled with fascinating motivational slogans and advice. Everything ranging from the common “No excuses” to the famous “no pain, no gain” to the more esoteric “iron doesn’t lie” etc.

This art piece takes fitness advice more literally and applies it to an actual gym. For instance, a hungry lion is tied to the wall behind the treadmills adding an extra dose of incentive to gym runners. An active chainsaw is placed under the dip bar, hence motivating men and women aiming at growing their biceps.

No pain no gain — The chainsaw dip machine

If it isn’t possible, due to legalities, to set up such a gym in a museum, a gallery or an adequate space, the person executing this piece is to create realistic ads (see “The chainsaw dip machine”) representing the new concept with appropriate slogans to illustrate the motivational mechanism.