Free art piece idea #39

The French Pantheon during its restoration

This one is called “Out of the metallic rubble, a butterfly made of stone”.

There is something fascinating about large monuments under restoration. During the works it underwent some years ago, the French Pantheon looked like an alien spaceship or a Transformer machine out of a post-apocalyptic world. In this art piece, the executor is to gather a series of photographs portraying such buildings under restoration.

The Washington monument during restoration

A variant of this idea is one that builds on Florentijn Hofman and Jean and Christo Claude’s works while drawing on the naturally occurring restoration work aesthetics. The idea would be to build giant metallic arms next to the giant monuments of big cities. The arm could involve some natural elements such as grass and moss but would be mainly made out of metal and steel.

One example of how the metallic arm might look next to the French Pantheon. Very tall human added for scale reference.