Free idea for an art piece #10

This one could be called “I broke the link with a pair of scissors”

The following art piece is based on the following observation:

“My brain controls my muscles. However, in a game of tennis where you and I are playing, my brain also controls your muscles. When I hit the ball, you start moving. There’s an automatism to the choices of my brain and the movements of your body. Same for conversations! When I say x, you’re likely to say y”

This is an art installation and an art performance where what I do does not lead to the other changing their muscle movements or their reactions accordingly. This is an attempt at performing and experiencing a world where the link between cause and effect is defectuous.

During this performance, the author can choose any usual and casual activity and remove the causality link from it. In the following example, two tennis players simply send balls at each other without the other person moving. The performance lasts an hour and a half.

A world where the causal link has been broken

Other examples include hitting my car breaks but the people behind me not following suit. Another example at scale is one where leaders of a country take a decision and the leaders of another country do not act accordingly or in reaction but keep executing on their own agenda.

This is a world where consciousness doesn’t expand or transit so most human rules won’t apply. A world of radical incoherence.

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