Free idea for an art piece #7

This one’s called “hip, hipster, hippity hip”.

This is an art installation and art performance. Ideally it would take place in a museum. The author is to build a cafe with powerful wifi, wooden tables, an expensive coffee machine in the middle of a museum. The barista should have a moustache. If she is a woman, the barista is to have a tattoo of a bear on her right arm and no moustache.

Museum visitors can visit the cafe, sit as they usually would. They are also very welcome to bring their macbooks and work inside the computer. Coffee prices are to be pegged to the cheapest yet best rated coffee place on foursquare. The price should feel like a nonchalant statement of elegance, grace and post-capitalistic independence.

The name of the café is to be “au lait” café. The café is not to have any almond milk options.

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