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How we deal with Data Quality using Circuit Breakers

Imagine a business metric showing a sudden spike — is the spike real or is it a data quality problem? Analysts and Data Engineers today will spend hours, days, and even weeks analyzing whether a given metric is correct! In other words, Time-to-Reliable-Insights today are unbounded and are a widespread pain-point across the industry. At Intuit, we are working on addressing the data quality problem at scale and presented our platform (called QuickData SuperGlue) at the Strata Conference in New York, 2018.

Making AI happen in the real-world

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Sandeep Uttamchandani

Sandeep Uttamchandani

Sharing my 20+ years of real-world experience leading Data & AI Products (as Engg VP/CPO) & Platforms (as CDO). O’Reilly book author. Founder: AIForEveryone.org

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