The Raven: Marketing, Media, Tech W’round-up | 26 July 2017

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Every two weeks — the Raven arrives, delivering a Wednesday round-up (#W’roundup) of some of the best, brightest and boldest reads from the worlds of #marketing #media and #tech — the stuff’ that’s sparkled in the roost, and sparked my interest.

THIS DELIVERY: Musk vs. Zuckerberg, KFC hit peak advert, Australia takes on the big tech companies, AI goes wrong, Microsoft go Black Ops while MS Paint regenerates, BA hits turbulence, Winnie the Pooh hits a meme-trap, employees get micro-chipped, Mars looks expensive, Pokemon go missing and Jane Austen is almost universally acknowledged to have tripped up the accountants…

Cue: high energy red header … Suggested intro song this week: The rather brilliant Earl and Tongue Tied

Advertising & Marketing

Super Sanders: KFC hits the DC universe. A bit of a stretch, but not quite the resurgent brand’s finest hour this Raven… Surely?

Fast Revolution: And classic ‘fast food’ and ‘casual dining’ brands are heading a revolution:

Top of the brands: When it comes to the health of a brand, an interesting regional dichotomy. Global tech domination, while there’s health in retail in the UK. A very healthy display for the BBC, even if you might have swapped BBC Two for Radio 2— and a little more digging required into the great BBC THREE experiment

Ad reprieve: On the other side of the British small screen, a moment to breathe for ITV:

Advert of the Moment

No shame in applauding KFC’s extensive ad work so far this year… Premiering this in the middle of Channel 4’s The Handmaid’s Tale broadcast was curious. But here it is, KFC’s 60 second chicken spot. Surely it can’t be them again…

But unlike KFC’s other endeavours, this one’s surely designed to shock to the point of undermining the brand. Condemned by animal charities, do you really want to eat chicken after staring one in the eye?

Mind you, I the other day I happened to be in a Belgium chicken and bread bar (yes, only serving Chicken. And bread). And that place was packed with pictures of chicken.


Even the G&T? BA are a company to keep an eye on as staying airborne seems unprecedentedly difficult.

It’s not all bad in the air: taking to the skies with the English:

Easy-TV: And there’s always TV… The new head of ITV’s flown in:

Right hand column: The weekly bias, this time evaluating bias in the Beeb:

Gender pay rules the day: As of April, Gender Pay Gap Reporting has been legally required for UK companies with over 250 employees. It’s going to appear heavily for months to come, but the BBC took the first hit. While there were as many surprises as there were a lack of them in the BBC pay figures, as the Corporation undertook one of its favourite activities — simultaneously squirming and over-enthusiastically revelling under the weight of reporting on itself, it’s likely that the list will be increasingly unrepresentative in the years ahead:

Millennial-bashing: A theatre tried their best to get in on the HR agenda…
I live near the Teahouse. Wandered past on the night this all kicked off and it was rather calm off-line. Interested to see how this affects their undoubtedly delicate economic model. Also, hope there’s another Fire Festival opposite them this Bonfire night…

Like being caught, rather deftly, on a trumped up charge… It was the ageism wotdunit…

Ladies and gentlemen… Oh. The Tube’s getting friendlier everybody!

Monkey about: An astonishing case with some extraordinary reporting (add phone screen grab)

On the big screen: Welcome to Fear Street, see you next week. The studios are embracing the idea of innovation, but few of their ideas are sticking…

The internet meme strikes again… Pooh’s out of China:

To Fleet Street: The Telegraph’s hit this initiative a damning blow:

Accented: Are we too precious about our regional language? Say no to formulised spelling, I say.

A new music record: And it’s about time there was some good, and unexpected news from the charts. Streaming works?

Mapping history: Tracking Australia.


Expanded definition: Let’s start with a question: Who’s using ARC tech?

The visual Echo: Everyone ready for the Amazon Echo Show? The A plan seems to be working…

Looking at the big guys: Amazon next to tip for FANG.

A country-sized data storm: A huge data error promises hellish questions in Sweden.

A tech-sized empire: And talking of the big guys, they’re increasingly building to match their kingdoms. New Empires? What empire hasn’t fallen eventually, amirite?

You feel a slight pinch: Next they’ll be micro chipping their employees. Oh.

Not MSing about: This week I’m putting the emphasis on Microsoft. Perhaps the most intriguing news is where they’ve gone Black Ops.

While losing comms? The quiet surrender of Microsoft — features a huge amount of vitriol aimed at Steve Ballmer (and GIF!)

Whitewashed: Of course, the news has huge implications…

But wait, all is not as it appears. And all publicity is good publicity…

And the self-promotion is set to run and run:

Gone in crash report: Not to be outdone by MS, Adobe have signalled not just the end of Flash — the end of Flash crashes!

Oof — helluva reply:

Ups and downs over at Nintendo:

Pokemon No: This must have been pretty horrific:

Out with the Three: A bit of a shock as Nintendo reveal the future’s two dimensional. It’s a bit of a killer price point, must be said…

Skyward console: But, the future of Switch is looking quite rosy…

Hold on #1: SkyNet delayed

Cue: Hilarity —

Hold on #2: The Martian delayed

Doesn’t stack up: And from Australia versus maps earlier on… To Australia versus maths…

Back in a dash: Wait, wasn’t there a Google dashboard years ago — I’m sure I still have an account stuck on it…?

Wait a spex: We may need some glasses for that. Oh right, just when you thought the glasses were gone…

Curious purchasing: The days of Uber ruling the roost here have gone (at least until they sift through that shortlist of CEOs…) — but here’s the obligatory Tesla articles… We’re all intrigued by this purchase…

Planning troubles: Apparently, building Hyperloops is not so clean-cut:

Partly resulting in this I imagine: But hey guys, Elon Musk’s been very clear about the dangers of AI for a while:

And bringing it all together: Musk vs. Zuckerberg

On a Utopian note: Made me laugh — Amazon AI (maybe NSFW)

Starting the apps race: A rugged but slightly clunky example of the future of apps. Seems a bit Amiibo to me… But looks pretty

A new pretender? Someone help — looks like Ataribox is melting. (it’s potentially a hot contender to disrupt…)

A quick mention of the practicalities of Brexit: Let’s hope Dave doesn’t leave it anywhere…

Tenner penny: Let’s end with the money. Great tech. Poor literacy?

But well fielded by the Guv’ner:

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On the word-side… Doctor Who’s not only turning into a …Doctor, but that means the final series of Peter Capaldi’s wrapped up. There’s a series-worth of my reviews here:

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