W’round up — 16 March 2017

The Raven’s arrived — marketing, media, tech and related stories that have sparkled in the roost, and sparked my interest over the past week.

THIS WEEK: Hammond’s U-turn, Snapchat backlash, peak social media, Facebook v BBC, mean ITV, Netflix holds its nerve, T&Cs, Troubles ahead for Channel 4, Switch sales and pessimism rules?

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Raven Delivery: 16 March 2017

Interesting snippets from the last month on Planet Earth, starting with the plight of British institutions…

Dividing comms: So the writing’s on the wall for one long-arm of BT. In hundreds of years, the multi-volume biography of BT may be called mitosis.

Making the most of your subs: Oh, but on the back of BT Sport’s epic investment in Champion’s League football broadcasting last week, the social’s rocking…

The fate of the Four: Is the UK’s other uniquely funded network heading into the sole possession of the private sector? Signs seem to be pointing that way and there’s the worrying hint that public interest might not be stirred enough, Bake-off or not…

IT ME! Following the greatest viral interview of the week, Professor Kelly gained a follow-up interview which kept the rather bizarre and not altogether unhealthy PR going. Well, why not join the hoopla? That BBC line is priceless.

Cancellation spree: ITV, recent overlords of the acquisition, happy to premiere multi-million pound productions on their digital channels (The Frankenstein Chronicles was an intriguing commission), have hit light vein of self-censorship.

Victoria may have staved off the Downton Blues for what looks like an entire reign, but with Broadchurch on its final run recent cancellation of Home Fires and The Halcyon suggest they’re not taking prisoners in the search for a replacement. The ratings verdict on their welcome return to screening prime-time American drama on Friday nights (I mean, Lethal Weapon!) is awaited…

Trouble at 10: meanwhile, the News at 10 hasn’t proved immune to turbulence. While I haven’t watched any of The Nightly Show, it sure does remind me of a badger cull.

Sad McSadface: Meanwhile, in the southern hemisphere — is this the loneliest boat WITHOUT face in the world? It’s not easy being meme…

Taken for Granted: Following last week’s treatise on the happiness of anger — here’s why being grumpy and pessimistic pays off! Yes, seriously, try it. Sod those Thackery quotes, kick over glasses ambiguously full... I used to work in a building where Hugh Grant held an office and he repeatedly scowled at me when we met, all too frequently, on the stairs. Great times.

Back to the grounds: Starbucks, the $10 coffee and behavioural psychology:

Ad crown ex: Netflix are sticking to their guns, and quite rightly:

They’re making increasingly profound contributions to film history:

Taking a lead: Fresh from this week’s Baby Driver trailer Jamie Foxx has some words of passion on entrepreneurship :

Switch update: Passed 1.5m units sold and being hacked, that’s a big week for the Nintendo console. There are obligatory grumbles over customer service, the quirks of hot from the kiln hardware… but with a tonne of Switches shifted, the big question has to be: who the Hell are the 10% who aren’t buying Zelda?

Trust in the digital age: In adsville and fake-newsville, scrutiny seems to fall on Facebook and Twitter a little too easily. Even in view of their massive reach, the natural moderation of group communication across all media should be acknowledged, given the circling and warnings increasingly coming from private competitors and users...

And big figures need to keep the issue focussed:

Spicy wings? On media, Doritos has taken a fiery punt on puppetry:

Funding rounds: In tech start-up news, AirBnB made a grade:

The end of things? But aside from them… It’s difficult to judge how big the past week’s been — it might just have been MASSIVE. Before some scientists declared the Great Barrier week dead, Campaign suggested social media was post-peak:

Sort your gimmicks out: Meanwhile, Alex Hern had some stern words for the cloned footsteps of Snapchat…

Telling tales: Added value story-telling is burning up R&D at the moment. Medium’s gone Series but WhatsApp’s appears to have paid attention to that anti-Snapchat-clone sentiment:

Squaring the benefits: A year on from their digital revolution, The Independent’s puzzling route to survival:

Giant scraps: Having already mentioned the BBC and Facebook, here’s an unfortunately tawdry scrap of tit for tat between the two— who does this help?

Budget U-turn: Philip Hammond’s taken a column in The Sun to u-turn a key budget statement in spectacularly self-conscious fashion. What a horribly predictable end for a terribly ill-thought out headline.

The UK government needs an dedicated approach to addressing freelancing and gig economy concerns. Ministers should proactively support entrepreneurship and not clumsily seek NI contribution parity without considering the associated disparity in rights and benefits. The timing was atrocious, the distraction from Brexit, much like the Grammar school policy will prove, flawed.

From delay:

To an apparently game scapegoat:

Expensive: Her Majesty may have given Royal Assent to triggering Article 50, but neither budget mis-steps nor Brexit managed to cover this record fine and growing snowball:

You need to accept: Ending on a bright if overlong note, as most things start with ridiculously long terms and conditions.

And if that’s a little new school…

Green your Energy with Open Energy Market

On my side: This Open Energy Market held a internal launch for the brand new, sparkling Version 3 yesterday. There were a great deal of puns, and almost as much cake (three-layered of course).

It’s the first major platform release this year and promises major changes to energy and utility buying int he UK. V3’s launch will form a major focus as the end of the month careers towards us. Over the next two days keep an eye out for our ‘Going Green’ campaign…

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See you next Raven Delivery!

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