W’round up — 17 May 2017

The Raven’s arrived — every two weeks, recent marketing, media, tech and related stories that have sparkled in the roost, and sparked my interest:

THIS DELIVERY: Highs and lows in UK TV ad revenue, the pound falls and foreign investment goes up, Netflix clashes at Cannes, John Lewis and M&S change tack, print changes, Twitter returns and Nintendo celebrates while next generation consoles lose their recognition...

Cue healthy, nurturing green header… Suggested intro song this week: Shine on Me by Dan Auerbach, a right modern Wilbury

Interesting snippets from the last coupla’ weeks on Planet Earth, starting with a national treasure:


Iconic change: Attempting to break its cycle of festive success, John Lewis targets those other national treasures

Come together: Although all roads lead to confluence for this cooperative…

Best of Christmas 2016: Thinking back to last Christmas, a flash — back to my Christmas advert reviews… While JL won for me, Waitrose may struggle to compromise on its epic vision.

Simply distracting: Meanwhile, Marks and Spencer gets RADICAL

Food wars brewing: Surely no coincidence, that as McDonalds confirms UK home delivery, M&S does the same:

After muppets: Warburtons continue their mega-ad spend with Peter Kay’s starring ‘roll’ (grain! I mean, groan!)

Enter the Chef Factor: No more of THOSE Talk Talk ads, as Just Eat takes a gamble. I think this’ll pay off nicely…

Hello David…On the other side, Channel 4 changes the rule book

One figure: Will keep the politics kind of neutral here — but it’s unlikely a killer ad will emerge over the next 30 days of electioneering. It is intriguing that the Tories are pinning everything on Theresa May (and in their ‘strong and stable’ way, the cartoonists are helping).

Pulled from screens: Back to McDonald’s, who absorbed the most advertising pain this week — it’s a fine line, but remarkable the intent of this advert got through…

Advert of the Week

Far way from McDonald’s plight… Could be this return of an old favourite and a sternest tests nostalgia has ever faced. The more you think about it, the more none of it makes sense. What exactly is this recapturing? A feeling familiar to video game console purchasers for many years…

But on screen, it goes to M&S Spend It Well campaign hitting the food sector. Makes their famous and long-running food porn ads look like the waiting alley of a back-street dentist. It’s got everything, YOLO to world travel to of course, a little bit of food porn. And Ed Sheeran. Bold move.


New console, brand issues: Kicking off with the perilous state of being a mid-generation/generation-ending console in 2017 — no one knows who you are:

Although it pays to Switch: The official figures are out, and they’re strong!

And strong targets remain:

While Nintendo diversifies, with DLC and physical expansions this summer…

Sony face. The Switch looks like the end of an era

Lightning charge: More mobile than a Switch — won’t that be nice?

Improbable news: Improbable no more as Improbable vows to stay Improbable

Cell cynicism: Three year ago I spent a month without a phone, its harder these days…

VG is strong: Overwatch becomes Activision’s eighth billion dollar franchise

Viva la tech: Google’s set a record in Cuba

Skypey wimey: Doctor Who’s struggled on the digital front, even Doctor Who Legacy’s a little sluggish atm, but could Microsoft and a quest for the Key to Time banish memories of Return to Earth and Lost in Time

The wheels on the bus… Citymapper’s branching out — great news for people near Central London. Like me. Probably.


European expansion: Netflix arrives, although they’re primed for a Cannes clash this week:

And as the pound falls, new potential for a shift in UK productions — let’s hope it sticks in the memory a little more than the watchable but flawed Versailles

Heavy clubbing: Great to see some combative vision coming from Mixmag Media, and old apparent foes finding common ground in survival…

A rare discovery: How print has moved on 1/2… From Caxton’s Press, with this find of “special, almost magic, resonance”…

An inevitable fall: How print has moved on 2/2… To MacKenzie finally leaving The Sun:

Fake everything: We’re into layers and layers of darkness with this one…

Ratings caribous: Who misses Big Brother live?

One Pay TV player disappears:

Election is coming: The gauntlet’s been thrown — hope Jeremy Vine picks it up:

On the figures, News Corp’s up:

(and decisions deferred:)

ITV down:

(and Crozier out:)

Headline of the week: The world’s about to get a whole lot more TfL


Hashing the moves: So you can now #Trademark #A #Hashatag


Haven’t talked about Starbucks for a while…

Is it that time of the year already. I for one will be trying my hand at conjuring up some borscht this weekend, while absorbing the politics of Eurovision

Tweet Familiar: Penultimate word goes to Biz Stone, who’s returned to Twitter…

A final word, very final, from the fast-progressing Professor Hawking’s Agony Aunt column …

On my side

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