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Playing it Safe: How WSC Sports Celebrated Its Favourite Holiday While Emerging From Lockdown

WSC Sports Employees and Their Families With Our Purim Party Bus

We at WSC Sports absolutely love the Jewish holiday of Purim! It’s a truly special time of year when the old, to the very young, all dress up in amazing costumes, there’s parties and parades all over the country from the smallest kibbutzim to the big cities — it’s basically Israel’s answer to Halloween…but better. 😜

Purim is for sure our favourite holiday at WSC Sports and we love to go all out and celebrate, normally throwing a big bash where staff can come with a +1 and eat some tasty food, sink a few cocktails and of course show off their stunning costumes, and oh boy does it get competitive!

Well Covid-19 threw a spanner in the works for our plans to celebrate Purim in 2021. In fact the last time we were able to celebrate a big party together as a company was Purim 2020 — we just sneaked it in right before the whole world went into lockdown. Take a look at our photos from that event here.

WSC Sports’ Purim Party in 2020

So how does a company celebrate its favourite holiday during a global pandemic? It was certainly a huge headache for our HR team. Luckily, thanks to Israel’s proactiveness in getting its citizens vaccinated the county was able to emerge from lockdown right before all the Purim fun was set to begin.

Our quick-thinking HR and welfare team put together an ambitious project that they managed to execute perfectly. They arranged for a branded WSC Sports Superhero Purim Party bus to visit each and every employee in the country.

The WSC Sports Superhero Purim Party Bus

So over the course of a week they traveled from north to south, spreading fun, festivity and treats to employees and their families, and at times — their entire neighborhoods!

The bus also delivered a ‘mishloach manot’ a classic Purim holiday tradition, which is basically big box of sweets and a little something to drink.

A Modern Spin on the Classic Jewish Mishloach Manot

Now onto that super-competitive costume competition! 🥁

We uploaded photos of every staff member who wanted to participate in one big Facebook album and asked people to vote for their favourite by giving it a like. We of course encouraged staff to share their image with friends and family to gain those all important extra votes to win a generous gift card. Two staff members in particular took it to another level to become clear winners (we think they’re secret social media influencers on the side because they did so well).

🥇 In first place… congratulations to Eden Ziso for her awesome Lego costume with her partner in crime Gal, who received over 440 likes and a whopping 81 comments on their entry!

🥈 And to Itamar Peeri who won the runner up prize for his brilliant Mr Slinky, with his better half Adi, who also received over 400 likes and more than 40 shares!

Of course there were so many amazing entries this year so you need to check them all out. Luckily you’ll find them all here.

If you’d like to enter the running for our 2022 Purim costume party then you better get busy and apply for one of our many open positions to work with us. We’re sure you’ll find something you like, so have a look at the WSC Sports careers page.

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