Some of My Favorite Shops on Etsy

Over the past month I’ve been looking for a new business opportunity to work on. I’ve been following the lean startup methodology popularized by Steve Blank and Ash Maurya and have been trying to apply it to artists who are trying to sell their art online.

As I’ve been doing the research, there have been some pretty cool shops I’ve stumbled across. Here are some really neat shops I’ve found that are owned by artists in San Francisco.


I’d love to know how this artist crafts these rings. They’re super intricate and I love how lifelike they look.


This artist has a YouTube channel where she teaches people how to paint. I spent a bunch of hours watching her tutorials. I love her art and I’m really impressed by how she’s found so many ways to use the internet to make art her full-time career.

Barnaby Jack

Sara does beautiful photography and promotes her store on Instagram really effectively. I’m really fond of her shop because she uses photos from in and around Berkeley to set the mood of her store and it works.

2Trick Pony

Etsy sellers say that photography sells art. I think this is a great example. The photography and rustic look of this artists’ art is beautiful.


Nature makes some of the most beautiful art and this shop turns beautiful butterflies and bugs into art.

There are many many other great shops that I’ve run across during my research but these are some of my favorites.