Urban Servyces— Service at home on demand.

Rushabh Patel
Feb 10, 2020 · 5 min read

Introducing a simple and convenient app Urban Servyces, for ordering carpenter, plumber, tutor, saloon, spa, etc… services at home in just a few clicks. it will take you only a few seconds to order services at your home.

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Today “home services on-demand” startups are growing very fast in many cities. Urban clap is one of the best example for this project.

About Urban Servyces

Urban Servyces is a ready-made project for those who want to start a new startup like urban clap in their city/town. Developed by WOLFSOFT Team in Vadodara.

Urban Servyces is developed on android with firebase.
- User app ( on android )
- Vendor/professional app ( On Android )
- Super admin ( android app with tablet version )

Why we choose Firebase?

  • Build apps fast, without managing infrastructure.
  • Need less man-power
  • Backed by Google, trusted by top apps
  • Firebase products work great individually but share data and insights, so they work even better together.
  • Great support from Firebase team
  • It provides readymade products that save time in development and testing.
  • The best option for startups and medium scale business.

Customer User Application

We have 2 different models for processing orders
1) Auto-assign order processing
2) Manual order processing

How we process the order?

We have 2 different models for processing orders
1) Auto-assign order processing
2) Manual order processing

Auto-assign order processing works on the automation method. Bellow details for how it works.

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Once the customer places the order, our system checks the nearest vendor from the customer address ( vendor GPS location is always live, so we keep updating their live location on every 15 mins. ). Once we get the nearest vendors, the system checks who is free to accept the order. After that we sort the nearest 5 and the 1st vendor will receive the order on their phone.
We have a unique ringtone for receiving new order.

Every Vendor has 1 min to accept and reject the order. If the vendor don't accept or reject the order then the system will send a request to 2nd nearest vendor.

Check bellow Incoming new order ( Vendor app )

  1. The vendor will receive the order
    - have only one min. to accept or reject the order.
  2. Once accepted they can manually call the customer and communicate.
    Once done, they have to confirm the order.
  3. Once Confirmed, and reached to customer location, the vendor can start service.

Manual-assign order processing works on the automation method. Bellow details for how it works.

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In the manual Order Assigning model, when the customer places the order, the order will be sent to the admin, and the customer will see that the order is placed.

  1. Admin will receive the order
  2. Admin will see the nearest vendor for that order from the customer location and communicate with the vendor. If any vendor gets ready to do work then the admin will assign the order to that vendor from the admin panel and the vendor will see the order in his application.
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Once the service started, vendor can end service.

Once vendor end service customers will receive a notification that service is ended and customer have to enter the amount of what vendor charged, to confirm the payment.

Customer can able to see, how much he/she have to pay to a vendor with vendor fees + Company charges. The Bellow image is attached from the customer app.

The customer will enter 560 Rs, as the “service provider charge” is 560 Rs.
Additionally, customer have to pay 10Rs extra for “company service charge” Customer has applied discount coupon listed in that, so the customer have to pay 530Rs final amount. Once he clicks confirm and pay, the vendor will receive an update in his app, that customer have entered amount 560 Rs and collect 530Rs in cash.

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customer mobile app for completing service.


The business plan is very simple, the client has made very easy for vendors and customers and makes a very fair deal.

The vendor will charge their own cost for the services the do and the company will charge some fixed cost from customers to process the order, and find the vendors for them and make the job done.

The company don't hire Vendors on salary as this is just a startup right now, but soon it will go in multiple city and change the business plan as they grow.

The company have successfully completed 100+ Orders from this project in 30 days in their town.

Want to start your own home services project like this? Contact us ceo@wolfsoft.in

We’re available for new projects! Drop us a line at ceo@wolfsoft.in

Want to see more projects? Visit our profile or wsdesign.in and remember to follow us!


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