Choreo reusability features for developer productivity

Let’s learn Choreo’s reusability features


Developer productivity does not necessarily mean individual productivity of developers. It also means the collective productivity of the team. As an example, how many product releases a team achieves within a time period is a measure of developer productivity. Hence it is essential to make sure that developers don’t duplicate work while working on delivering projects. The solution for this is to reuse the work that others have already done. But setting up a solution to reuse the services and applications that are developed by the team is a time-consuming task. Most enterprise teams would go for a solution such as a governance product that can host services developed by different developers and different teams. But setting up such a solution is not easy.

Choreo methodology

Choreo comes with a built-in registry to share applications amongst teams. It provides 2 components to share applications within Choreo.

  • API Developer Portal
  • Choreo Marketplace

The API developer portal is used to share the APIs developed within the Choreo platform with the API consumers such as application developers. This helps teams to reuse already developed APIs without reinventing the wheel.

The Choreo marketplace is used to share the connectors and triggers that are developed by the same organization or by other organizations. As an example, users can reuse 100s of connectors developed by Choreo to connect with systems such as SaaS applications, databases, and other systems using the marketplace.

The figure below depicts the Choreo marketplace interface.

Figure: Choreo marketplace feature

Choreo comes with a built-in marketplace that can be used by the developers to share their work (services, APIs, connectors) with other developers within the organization as well as outside the organization. This provides a major boost to the developer productivity since developers can search for already existing components and reuse them without wasting time on writing them again.

Choreo marketplace comes with features such as search, categorization, filtering, usage data, API documentation so that developers can get a firm understanding of the available components and choose the best one that is related to them.



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